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saroo 2014-07-22 19:40:46


hi aanchal..... i had earlier too discussed with u regarding my elder daughter jiya 5.5 yrs old.not speaking properly and is hyper .l had mer developmental ped regarding her.she had analysed and told she is 10 months back acc to her age.doc is good. she had refered to speech therapist too .whose sessions thrice a week ...i started. doc also says she has some symptoms of adhd.. can u please tell me how much time these type of treatments does take.and also it will be helpful up to what stage in her development.doc says she might need a occupational therapist too. i am very much worried about her growth... dont know what else to do....i am having a younger daughter too 1.5 yrs old... does tge elder one behaviour will effect her... waiting for ur suggestions. thanks in advance.

aanchal 2014-07-30 11:51:33


the prognosis of any treatment depends on various, quality of service, frequency of sessions, chronicity of problem, severity of problem, any trauma during the treatment (in session or somewhere else), support provided (Occupational therapy, psychotherapy etc)

younger ones are definitely influenced by the elder ones (and vice-versa). but that doesnt mean that the problem will be transferred too. if you wish, you may email me the psychological evaluation report at I will get a better understanding. It will help me guide you better

Ilovemybaby1 2014-08-10 15:27:25


Hi aanchal, My son is 1.5 yrs said he has some asd features. I am currently taking him spl ed and ot. His speech session also started to day. But my kid cried half of the session. Also at the end of the session he fell down and hit his head. The main issue I wnt to discuss is in both speech and spl ed intially they are doing the same activities likd hand eye coordination, matching etc. Speech is costing me almost double the spl ed class.speech therapist doesnt have a good kids environment also though he is a very famous doctor in delhi. But therapist gives the session on office chair tables. I dont know this thing even matters. Please suggest what to do. I am confused bw speech and spl ed. Also my son is non verbal. Regards Charu

aanchal 2014-08-17 22:01:04


Hi..sorry to know's very difficult for me to say anything on continuing/stopping ST without meeting the child.
In most cases, ST, OT and Sp.Ed intervention are done together to enhance learning speed. But it has to be done by good doctors in good way. See if these criteria are being met by the speech therapist (ST):
- the ST gives you a planner with short/long term goals clearly written
- the ST records the session details in paper
- the ST doesn't hesitate to work with child's OT and Sp.Ed

ST for a 1.5 year old child is generally not done unless the problem is severe. Also, the session environment has to be conducive to therapy of small children for the sessions to be effective.
Make sure that the assessment is done by a certified psychologist before you go ahead with any therapy

saroo 2014-09-05 20:25:37


hi aanchal... really sorry for late reply...i had earlier told u about my daughter... thankfully i got a good st and ot too.....she is showing improvement in her behaviour and concentration....and basically they both tola her prob r not very high..its just that she could not speak properly so her confidence had reduced and so she got hyper and slightly showing some symptoms of adhd.... but the good thing is that she had started improving now and is becoming good in behaviour too....... thanks for ur suggestions too.. one more thing i would like to ask about my younger one she is one and half year ....started eating papers.. colours... and wall too... i had started calcium too as acc to a it just a habit or what else i can do to help her leaving this habit......if u could help me out...

Di23 2014-09-07 06:55:33


  • Hi aanchal...
am new to this,ur givin wonderful sugestions
my question is son is now 2.6yr old,he doesn't speak much,he says ONI single words like pappa,mama, ..n he vl nt say uncl or aunty ,I hav nt gone through speech therapist.
should I consult therapist or vl he able to speak.
and he also had adeno tonsils..he was admitted n now he feels better, he vl nt chew his food, n he gets often cold, fever... His dr gave septlin n immunac n montec LC to improve his immune power.... Am so worried abt him...he lost weight also.... By fussy to eat ...sry I hav too many questions
and pls help me to give him some healthy food
thnks ..regards Divya .

aanchal 2014-09-11 14:55:10


Hi Divya, your child may need speech stimulation (which is nothing but intensely triggering the mind to think and respond). do you observe any slurring/stammering/stuttering also in his speech? does he prefer non-verbal gestures to express himself? then he may need to be evaluated once. else, you may come to me for a consultation. i will train you for the stimulation. please respond to me at

saroo 2015-07-23 13:17:43


hi aanchal u had been og great help...i earlier duscussed u about my daughter..she has improved a lot..had stopped st and ot..doc had suggested remedial teacher for her..but as of i couldnt find a private..i had started her classes with a special educator who had earlier deal with such students..will it will be helpful or i should search for remedial teacher only...waiting for ur reply .....thanks a lot

aanchal 2015-07-25 18:49:23


In principles, there is no difference between a special educator and a remedial teacher, as long as they know what needs to be done.
As a parent, your expectations from an educator:
He/she needs to make and follow long term, short term goals and design activities based on them. Parents should be aware of the goals, methods and progress at any given point. All sessions should be recorded.

saroo 2015-08-05 10:05:24


thanks aanchal...could u also suggest me if there r anyonline prog for remedial education that i can learn them too and help my daughter...thanks in advance

aanchal 2015-09-18 11:09:09


Learning therapy online is quite difficult. And more than learning it once, it is imperative to take supervisions for the work done with the child, to make sure that you are going on the right track.


Dhana89 2016-02-03 17:24:47


Hi aanchal.. I am from chennai.. My son aged 3.5 years old started stuttering from last December.. It still continues.. Showed him in Nimhans Blore.. They said oral motor deficit and developmental stuttering.. His pronunciation is also not clear and not able to produce s, sh, ch, f, r, L and some other sounds.. His rate of speech is fast.. Previously he will recite all rhymes but little unclear.. 2 days back.. He is stuttering even in rhymes.. Any suggestions or tips? He is undergoing speech therapy for a month

pcsekhar70 2016-05-02 13:01:53


 Dear Aanchal,

                                    I live in Vizag, My son has completed 10 th standard this year. While this year while guiding him in studies,i noticed he has problems with his speaking .
                                    He speaks too fast and he very  disfluent. He is not organised in thought , dives into speech, thereafter he launches into fast speech ,and then long pauses midway and often runs out of words. He is also suffering in academics.His writing is also very muddled
                                 After researching i came to know that he is a clutterer. Can such a person improve in organisation of thoughts, speaking and writing .

                               I can bring my son to chennai for consultation.

                              Regards !

aanchal 2016-05-15 21:39:27


I have perhaps replied to your email sent. I am based in Bangalore. As of now, I don't travel for consultations. 


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