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My child was diagnosed with adhd. But its been a year and we didn't go for followup..He underwent tonsillectomy and we were told that hyperactivity could be because if adenoids or tonsils problems..We do see a lot of changes in him.. Things are improving without going for any therapy, or medicines. He is good at studies but writing , he is not able to focus to longer. He is in 2nd grade and we are worried how he would manage going ahead.. Infact we feel he has overcome many symptoms of adhd. And the rest are also improving. But he still lags in his class because of distractions and some childish behaviour. He is not aggressive, but he gets disturbed and disturbs others in all his classes. He has friends.. So we want to know a good school in Bangalore which would be helplful to discipline him and teach him good behaviour along with academics in the right way.I stay near sarjapur.

Please suggest such schools

aanchal 2014-02-27 22:58:25


I am surprised you didnt go for any follow up or therapy when your child was diagnosed with ADHD. Also, after listening to the course of progress, it didnt seem to be ADHD to begin with. Where did you get the assessment done? Was it clinical ADHD or few symptoms of hyperactivity or ADHD due to medical conditions? The remedial approach to each is different.
I am not confident if there is any regular/inclusive school that will willingly take a child with behavioral issue. Even the loudly claiming inclusive schools do not handle mild gaps well. You may talk to Deens Academy. I know parents of SEN children who are happy with the school.
I would be in a better position to guide, if I saw the child.

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Hi Aanchal,

Thanks for your reply. He had all symptoms of ADHD. And it came out to be positive. But he also has been falling sick due to tonsillitis. almost every month or even more frequent.  Later we did tonsillectomy. Now after that we see a huge difference. He did not want to even try earlier. He does try now. Though the intensity of issues is far less than before there are still a few things..He couldn't even catch a ball earlier. Now he looks into others eyes while talking, looks at the ball and hits in his tennis class, can bounce it continuously and takes lesser breaks during his hw time. Really tries to write neatly. Though the result is still not satisfactory for the teachers I look at the improvements. I am giving him positive thoughts and encouragement at home. I might go for homeopathy medicines for improving concentration and focus. I believe it will either work or not have any result . Atleast wont have any side/after effects.

I wanted to know what kind of school would best suit such kids. Not inclusive schools. I mean:

A Christian school(where they are strict about discipline) or a typical cbse school( might be hard to handle exams initially,but would it not be good to get him into that now itself rather than at higher grades?)

I would like to know if you know any school , which has a system which is more comfortable and positive for such kids, rather than having a support teacher.

I am quite confident he will outgrow all this in the coming years. The changes I see makes me feel positive.All I want is a school which will atleast help him be confident about himself and develop himself in a positive way.:-)


aanchal 2014-02-28 16:52:24


Kudos to you for thinking so positively about your son. You may try Deens and Chrysalis.
A regular Christian school (St Peters or St Patricks on Sarjapur road) may not be very accepting and understanding. They put a lot of work pressure. Where do you live in Sarjapur road?

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I live in HSR. I have heard about Chrysalis. He goes to Vibgyor.  I do have a few reasons to change his school. But want to make sure its the right change which will be positive for him.

aanchal 2014-03-02 09:04:34


I have sent a PM. please check

amulya87 2018-10-18 23:05:39


Hi aanchal, Please give me ur contact details..want to talk to u or have a discussion over meeting.

aanchal 2018-11-14 16:33:44


Hi, I am very sorry I missed your message somehow. You can email me at

Hasini123 2019-06-14 19:20:34


Hi can u please suggest a good school for adhd kid in Whitefield. Currently he is in 1st standard but school people sending home in 2 hrs as he is not sitting


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