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mylilworld 2013-08-22 02:46:51


 HI Aanchal,

   My kid of 2.5 yr old has started speaking .. But nowadays.. she started stammering a lot. she didnt have this problem earlier.. i mean she started telling words.. without any stammering.. but recently 1 or 2 weeks, she is having this problem.. please guide me how to handle this issue.. in our family, no one has this problem. even she was fine.. recently she started stammering for few words..i thought  she s not able to identify the correct word to complete the sentences as she has started using so many new words since she started her play school.. she sings her rhymes without any issues.. 




Sonalandrews 2013-08-22 08:45:45




I know u had directed the question at Aanchal, however i am taking a little liberety to reply. hope u don't mind that!

Its known by the developmental psychologist that.......Between the ages of 30 months and 5 years your child is in the midst of a leap in her language skills, so it's natural that she should have some difficulty putting her sentences together fluently. (She stutters when her brainpower outstrips her verbal dexterity.)

Her rapidly developing brain is trying to pull up the right words in the right order. In the process, she may repeat the whole word or first syllable, resulting in something that sounds like this: "Mom ... I-Mom ... I-I-want-uh-I want you-gimme dat teddy bear!"

Most of the children outgrow it by age 4..... (only 5 % of kids retain it!) thats part of growing, as while singing etc she is fine! u need not be alarmed!

May be u can help her by playing games where she learns how to express without being in hurry! Like, word Antakshari, Name, place, animal and thing, etc.

Where u wait patiently for her answers, and let her sort out her cognitive process of mastering language.

I truly wish both of u fun time!

Take care 


mylilworld 2013-08-23 01:27:19



   Thanks a lot for the reply.. it really helped. 




aanchal 2013-08-23 08:22:06


hi anu, sonal has already what i would say.

it's quite common for preschoolers to occasionally stammer as they have 10000 things in their mind but only 1 mouth to speak!!!

however, having said that you shouldnt ignore it completely. at times these small children start stammering after a traumatic episode. sometimes they stammer when they are too anxious or excited. you just need to try to calm them down. do not point out her stammering problem to her or in front of her. it will make her all the more conscious.


mylilworld 2013-08-28 03:40:34


 Hi All,

   it was a sudden onset of stammering.. its not occasional..its repeating.. that too for the words which she didnt have any issues earlier as well...But since we tried to correct her, she is getting depressed..   if anyone knows any speach therapist in chennai.. please do share their contacts..   

thanks a lot.. 



aanchal 2013-08-28 07:08:58


 Do consult a psycholigist before going for speech therapy.


mylilworld 2013-08-29 01:54:35


 hi Aanchal, 

   thanks a lot for the reply.. could you please share me the contact details of any psychologists in Chennai...? or shall i bring her to bangalore to meet u?? wil u be available in weekends for any consultation..?? i hope u wil understand my situation.. im really worried to see her like this... she was very fleunt fr her age.. now all of a sudden, it happened.. even she is feeling depressed when she cudnt complete her sentences.. she herself has reduced her talk tself.. im not able to see her like this.. 

plz help me.





aanchal 2013-08-29 07:07:41


 Hi anu.i dont know anyone personally in chennai.u may post a query in chennai group.

I work on weekends.when you plan to come down to bangalore, message me and we will fix up an appointment. 

I hope you find someone in chennai meanwhile.


betnobser 2014-07-07 15:48:12


Hi Aanchal, My kid started to stammer after she started going to playschool ...She does not like going to school and is crying all the time..
Does this have anything to do with her stammering ? Should I continue sending her to the same school . ? Also will this stammering pass by or do I need to take her to any psychologist or speech therapist ?

aanchal 2014-07-11 08:55:40


Yes you may be right. Fright may lead to acute stammering. Let her settle down in school without focusing too much on her fears in front of her. Tell her stories from your school days without concluding them with any moral. For this you shouldnt consult any speech therapist. Give your child some time.

mohak12 2019-06-30 09:56:29


Hi Anchal, 
My son aged about 3 years started to stammer for the past 10 days. He started speaking at an early age of 15 months and his speech was very clear. But all of the sudden he started to stammer. For the last 10 days there were lot of changes in home.He is very very active,Loves to play a lot and talk a lot. He was looked after by a girl who quit her job . That girl used to make him play a lot. Due to the absence of the girl his activities has reduced drastically.  Further,he used to see computer a lot .That was also stopped all of the sudden. Also he joined nursery and insisted that his mother should accompany him every day in class and he cried a lot for this. I need your valuable suggestions.



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