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ishugudiya 2013-07-25 12:30:49


 dear dr,

 my son has ADHD n i'm totally lost.

he has no interest in writting n has horrible hadwritting. he's very good in orals though.

he is very forgetful.

he has no friends. can't make them can'e keep them

 he blabbles in public doesn't know when to keep quiet or how to effectively put his point across

he keeps on moving his limbs

he gets very angry sometimes but is not voilent or destructive

he is very caring n loving n is ready to hug or kiss anyone

 he has to be helped , pulled, pushed, n directed while walking often

he is extremely good at computers, or related  with games he has no problem concentrating while playing the most complex games but has trouble sitting still while studying. 

if u feel appropriate give me ur no so i can call you, my email is

i'm willing to come down to b'lore too if required n pl for the time being direct me to somebody in delhi

 kindly tell me what shd i do, how shd i help him what treatment shd he need. what tests r required 

raunak24 2013-07-25 12:44:41


Hi Ishugudiya,

Dear don't get so disheartened if ull be in such kind of state of mind u'll not b able to pull ur child out of the symptoms.

Relax tk a deep breathe now vtry n tackle one thing at a time.

how old is ur child when was he diagnosed with adhd

r u following any diet or bio medical intervention

have u consulted any dan doctore for it

any help call back at 09949822851 i m based at hyd n if need any medical assistance u can ctc my dr i have also gone thru this phase n know how it feels relax dear everything will be fine u just need a little bit of patience n loads of love to bestow upon ur angel

cheers n start smiling



aanchal 2013-07-25 12:46:41


has your child been clinically diagnosed with ADHD by a psychologist? or has it been done by a psychiatric observation?

from the description, i feel you should get a developmental screening done by a psychologist.  Dr. Anurag Mishra is a very good psychiatrist in delhi. you may ask him to refer you to a psychologist for evaluation.



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