swollen Tonsisl and Adenoids with no infection

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Chetan1428 2013-07-23 12:27:40


Hello Aanchal,

I have seen your thread of swollen tonsils of your kid, home remedies and homeopathy treatment you have used to cure it, I guess he must be 6+ now and hope he has recovered totally from it with out any surgery


My son is 30 months old(now)


He had strep throat and after the infection is gone his tonsils were swollen and never came back to original shape, I think he also has adenoids as he snores bigger than usual with his mouth closed in sleep and eventually opens mouth to breath


concerned about his swollen tonsils and adenoids as it has lot of impact on him during his sleep

1) snoring
2) unable to sleep with being in one state and constantly changes his position to get better sleep
3) shortness of breath
4) stops breathing and catches in 5 to 10 secs
5) wakes up with shortness of breath
6) bad dreams every day ( he sometimes is scared of ants and insects in his sleep)
7) change in the tone when he speaks in general


We are currently using APIS from last 10 days, his sleep was little better(10%) until he had some cake and went out for walk in a little cold breeze during summer evening. I am not sure if its cake or cold breeze is the culprit

I would like to know if your son is totally cured with homeopathy. Every one i approached said it will take 6 to 9 months for total cure and the homeopathy Dr. my dad approached(in india as we live in USA) has given 2 week course to check how his symptoms will last

I forgot to tell he has no infection he eats drinks plays and does all the activities normal and he does all  things with same enrgy which he has before


Your help and answers are greatly appreciated

aanchal 2013-07-23 13:09:32


as far as i remember, i gave following treatment for a year to my son when he was around 4:

  1. homeopathy (baryta carb and maryta mur, 30x)- daily for approx 3 months
  2. blackpepper+honey- daily for a year
  3. steam inhalation, almost everyday, at bed time
  4. gurgle, every weekend morning
  5. septilin syrup, 2-3 bottles in that year

he didnt have any cold/cough episode till he was 5.6. then we found out an allergy issue in him. doc has put him on anti-allergic treatment till he turns 6 in september, which is as following

  1. metaspray, once at night
  2. steam inhalation, gurgling very frequently
  3. montek LC kids for 3 months, one tablet at night

i am also giving him honey+blackpepper+ almonds+ tulsi everyday in the morning. i have made the powder and stored in a jar. i mix it everyday in honey and give.

my son has multiple issues, which makes it slightly complicated. but with few precautions and anti-allergy meds, he is coping well. for the meds, we have double checked with 3 doctors. they all prescribed the same line of treatment


Chetan1428 2013-07-24 07:56:34


I started Septlin syrup to my kid as one of my friend who is an Dr, in india suggested

I give it to him twice a day after lunch and dinner(1tsp), hope it helps my son from catching constant cold and cough which always has lead to bronchoitis

Q: So we can not use septilin for longer time?, are there any side effects to it (this is my first bottle) ?


As soon as I saw your response about your son that he has a allergy, I immediately scheduled an appointment with allergist for tomorrow morning, i have a feeling he got all this from allergy, as we were out on one spring day which was windy and lot of pollen allergy season around


Q: what kind of allery tests do they perform, and is allergy medicine helping your son?

I am being naive and may be asking too much about your son, I am trying to get some answers and aswell my questions may help even others

Q: does he had any complications breathing in sleep?


I am also giving honey ginger and black pepper from last 3 weeks early morning after brush and in the evening around 6


Q: how does almond help?


You answers regarding allergy will help me for tommorows allergy test, and also please let me what I should be asking when i see the allergy specialist


aanchal 2013-07-24 08:44:54


we didnt get an allergy test done, as the docs advised against it. we got a blood test done for calcium, vit-D and iron levels and x-rays for adenoids and lungs. his Ca and V-D came out low. doc said that children low on V-D tend to become chronic coughers. he was given 6 sachets to be consumed in 6 weeks for V-D and since then he is taking a syrup for V-D daily. the syrup has to be taken for a year. (sorry i forgot to mention this in my last post)

to answer your question further, yes he had difficulty in breathing while sleeping and even when he was awake.

almond in honey helps build stamina..that's why i am giving.

septilin is a good medicine. but i also read about its side-effect. i wasnt very sure, and docs didnt have a very clear answer too about it. so i thought of giving it continually and not continuously.

i try to give him lots of  oranges, guavas, kiwis, lemons, sweetlimes, strawberries, tomatoes to boost up his vit-C levels. i also follow a home based remedy book which suggests to give apples with warm milk before sleeping to soothe mucus in sinuses and throat... on a daily basis, this is difficult to follow. but 1-2 times in a week, i try to give.

i swear by 2 ped docs- Dr Tejaswini and Dr. Arvind Shenoy.

i would take a good doc opinon before going to an allergy specialist.


Chetan1428 2013-07-24 11:03:04


 I am sorry I don't quite get it, how is allergy test going to do some thing wrong and why were drs against it?


i was told not to give any fruits while he is on homeopathy medicine and my son hates fruits some how I only give him supplements of vitin d and some vitamin gummy bears which he likes alot

is it okay to take fruits and have some sweet stuff when you are on homeopathyedicine?


what are the possible side effects with septilin ?


what kind of allergy test should I say no?, I guess they only do blood work and do all kinds of allergy tests on it


aanchal 2013-07-24 13:11:33


the doc werent against the test per se. they said that the test wasnt required. may be they get the tests done when the reactions are much more severe.

about fruits during homeopathy, i have never been told this by any homeo doc. may be my child's conditions were different. so unless there is a medical advice, do not stop fruits. dont go by old wives' tales.

as regards vit-D, there is a high risk of toxicity. so any vit-D supplement should be taken under medical supervision

as for septillin, i told you i heard about few side effects..and since there was no proof of the presence or absence of the side effects, i decided to give intermittently


Chetan1428 2013-07-24 16:39:22


 Thank you very much Aanchal your answers were quite helpful, yes the homeopathy I approached said no to fruits very strictly and the supplements I give to my son are prescribed

I keep all the the updates to pediatrician about septlin and homeopathy and they are ok with it

Does the X-ray had the adenoids in your son?, any idea if adenoids can be treated by meds?


aanchal 2013-07-24 22:27:28


my son takes metaspray for adenoids. they were diagnosed through symptoms and confirmed by an xray


Chetan1428 2013-07-25 16:35:47


 The allergy test were negative so dr. Confirmed its not with alallergy

My Homeopathy told me to start using Bartya carb from Saturday, I remember you using it did it help?

Indian homeopathy whom my dad approached has given some 5 different kind of medicines 

if Bartya carb did not help much with your son then I would prefer to go with the Indian dr medication( as I feel the symptoms of adenoids and tonsils are same)

From last 3 days my sons breathing symptoms have become little worse , I am total dilemma and can't see him suffering any more



aanchal 2013-07-26 11:41:26


baryta carb and baryta mur did help my son's tonsilitis problem. he hasnt had swollen tonsils since then.

the new problem was recurring infection in adenoid and sinus, which is under control now..fingers crossed !

my experience with homeo docs in bangalore have been quite bad. i consult my family homeo doc in home town and buy original SBL bottles from bangalore.


Chetan1428 2013-07-30 21:18:59


Hi Aanchal,

I started using Baryta carb from friday(4 days complete) once before going to bed, first couple days were good then my son sleep got more distrubed.

Does Bartya carb help any thing realted to nasal passages or breath issues?

Is there any homeopathy med that can help with Breathing issues?



aanchal 2013-07-31 09:25:00


i am not so sure. ask the homeo doc  about it. the dose, frequency and potency have to be monitored by the doc constantly.



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