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anjurachabattula 2013-07-21 07:20:30


 dear aanchal

my son is 4 yrs 6 months going to lkg, has speech related problems.he has vocablary about nearly 1000 words but anwers only by single word.and there is lot of delay echolalia in his speech.he keeps on repeating his fav rhymes whole day all by himself.and suddenly if we stop him ask him a question he replies in single word.he loves animal kingdom,transport,alphabets,numbers,alphabet phonics and he recognizes and says all products displayed in tv commercials just by remembering logos of those products.

if we point towards his family members ask him who we are he answers correclty by say saying,mummy ,daddy ....but never call us on his own.i am dying a million deaths everyday waiting when he will call me "mummy" on his own.

suddenly he run towards us and say the objects by pointing towards them on his own.he feels very happy if we say he is right.

his eye contact is good if any new person comes he gives hand shake and smile by prompting but not n his own.

we evaluated his by a child psycologist suggested by our pediac the result was as follows

on DST devolopment quotient is 50.3

on VSMS his social quotient is 55,social age is 2 yrs 8 months

on adhd -41 which indicate high scores

on CARS scored-21 (which is non autistic) but coming under spectrum 

result: the child is haveing mild intelligence,with ADHD,falling under spectrum disorders.


i dont understand these numbers or medical termanology

i am just seeking help to "how can i help my son to improve his condion"

pls help me




aanchal 2013-07-22 09:47:53


My heart goes out for you..there is nothing worse for a mother than not have been called 'mumma' by her child ever.

the reports are indicative of mild blocks in the development. the reports must also have recommended the course of action.

kindly share that with me. also, where did you get the reports done?

In my opinion, the child needs 1-to-1 remediation along with regular schooling. I have sent you my email id through inbox..kindly follow up from there


Chetan1428 2013-07-23 12:28:17


Hello Aanchal,

I have seen your thread of swollen tonsils of your kid, home remedies and homeopathy treatment you have used to cure it, I guess he must be 6+ now and hope he has recovered totally from it with out any surgery


My son is 30 months old(now)


He had strep throat and after the infection is gone his tonsils were swollen and never came back to original shape, I think he also has adenoids as he snores bigger than usual with his mouth closed in sleep and eventually opens mouth to breath


concerned about his swollen tonsils and adenoids as it has lot of impact on him during his sleep

1) snoring
2) unable to sleep with being in one state and constantly changes his position to get better sleep
3) shortness of breath
4) stops breathing and catches in 5 to 10 secs
5) wakes up with shortness of breath
6) bad dreams every day ( he sometimes is scared of ants and insects in his sleep)
7) change in the tone when he speaks in general


We are currently using APIS from last 10 days, his sleep was little better(10%) until he had some cake and went out for walk in a little cold breeze during summer evening. I am not sure if its cake or cold breeze is the culprit

I would like to know if your son is totally cured with homeopathy. Every one i approached said it will take 6 to 9 months for total cure and the homeopathy Dr. my dad approached(in india as we live in USA) has given 2 week course to check how his symptoms will last

I forgot to tell he has no infection he eats drinks plays and does all the activities normal and he does all  things with same enrgy which he has before


Your help and answers are greatly appreciated


aanchal 2013-07-23 13:10:42


Chetan: i have replied to you in another thread, where you had put the same query. hope it helps


mom4 2013-11-05 16:55:54


Hello Anju
Could you pls tell me the center  where you did the tests for ur son.Also which school is he now in.


Rsha 2016-02-08 06:10:43


Hi aanchal. My son is 2.9 months old and he has 100% adenoid enlargement. He snoses very bad in sleep. Breathes through mouth in day time. At time he has sleep apnea and wakes up at least 20-30 times crying. He gaspsbfor breath in sleep. We are taking homeo medicine for a month and there is no improvement. Could you pls pls pls share with me any details in making his condition better. Homeo / ayurvedic / home remedies anything at all. Thx in advance

aanchal 2016-02-11 08:28:07


Rsha, this is a serious condition and needs immediate medical attention. 


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