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KALPAN 2013-07-17 12:09:54


Hi Aanchal,

One of my cousin brothers (staying in Nashik) has been advised 6 sessions of ECT by Dr. Mahesh Bhirud (MD-Psychiatry). For around a year he is taking the following tablets:

Trinicalm plus 5mg


Nematobus-ir and

fabed dsr

He is around 35 years old having a kid -5 yrs. He was shocked on his father's sudden death(age-65 yrs) happened in Oct-12 due to heart attack

aanchal 2013-07-18 11:09:42


i am very sorry to hear may i help him here?


KALPAN 2013-07-18 12:26:13


Hi Aanchal,

I suppose I clicked the button before I completed the post. I wanted  to ask whether  we should go ahead with the treatment or take other opinion.  Secondly will this treatment will cure him forever or should he go for some alternative therapy after this treatment like yoga etc. (doctor says it may occur in future again) and the tablets prescribed are on depression or schrizophonia??

And the most important question, will counselling help him in case we don't take this treatment. Yesterday I spoke with the doctor, he says he is gone far ahead in his mental stage.





aanchal 2013-07-18 13:17:07


unexpected loss of a parent is a very traumatic experience, at any age. time is the only healer.

it's been 9 month since this happened.but it's wrong to assume that this is enough time for someone to come of out a shock. healing depends on the type of relationship that the person had.

anti-depressants are required in some cases to help the person go on with his daily life. only the doctor can assess whether an anti-depressant is required or not. if he is a good doctor, he will not prescribe unnecessarily. but then, there is no harm in doing something elso also to take care of anxiety/depression, like yoga, meditation, gym, hobbies etc.

my worry is that no one should tell him that he should do yoga etc to come out of depression. that will make him feel wretched. he will then have to deal with the loss as well as with the task of 'looking' normal for the sake of well wishers.

so my suggestion will be to continue if the current doc is good. if the severity of problem is not very much, you may wait till october to start any psychotherapy session.


KALPAN 2013-07-18 16:38:16


Thanks Aanchal. You have of great help to me in all my problems.



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