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bvmom 2013-06-18 13:54:28


good day,

iam  a working  mom in  uae,  my  son  is  in  grade 10 has  a sis in  grade 6.

i come  home  in  d evening  exhausted , and  busy   with  my  daughter   for  her  gymastics  classes,  my  quality  time  wid  my  son  is  less.

he  is  engaged moerein  masturbation (i  noticed) and when asked to  study takes  lot of  time  in  washrooms,  no time  conscious,  i haveto  wake him up  @6am  for school  everyday,school bus  comes @6.25am though  he  goes  to  bed  @ 10pm. shows  no  interest in  studies.  no  ambition  in  life ,  some  times  says  wants  to  be  a  regular  schedule for studies as iam  not  there to watch.spends lot  of  time  in  internet  games. started lying too.advise me  to stream  line him though i  continue  to  work else iam  planning  to  quit  and  come  to chennai  for  this  academic  year  itself.

we  tried with regular  time  tables, rewards,punishments,locking  laptops,internet,tvnothing  seems  to  work.


thanks  and  regards


Kssg 2013-06-18 14:25:20


 Hi friend....Nothing more valuable than spending quality time with our children..


aanchal 2013-06-19 09:45:00


teenage comes with its own baggage of problems. physical changes, identity crisis, sexual issues, technology, peer pressure and what not.

you cannot punish/threaten a teenager into studying. masturbation is just one of the ways in which a teenager explores his body and sexuality.

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