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sri73 2013-05-28 16:51:50


Hi! My child is on the fatter side. So she always gets to hear thattag at school. School reopened yesterday and a new mischiefmaker has come in her van. Apparently she accuses my daughter who is quite shy of all sorts of things,calls her fat and dirty ..and what not.

As a kid i was obese and went thru the same things that my daughter is going thru today. That name calling really sent my self esteem rock bottomn.. I had severe inferiority complex inspite of being academically bright.thruout adolescence...

i get very upset even today if someone calls me fat even in general conversation.

Even today when i remember my school  days i weep for the akward child i was with tauntings from everyone.I used to long for someone , anyone to stand up for me.

So i know exactly what my little one is going thru and i want her to fight for her self esteem.

But i want to know whether i really should intervene or should i just prep up my child and let her fight her own battle.


Rubu 2013-05-28 17:04:18



I was an overweight kid in school. I felt very bad abt my personality and my being obese..

I firmly blame my parents for this. I had difficulty in making friends and being cool .. I had even more tough time later grooming my personality and getting fit.

Wrong eating habits are ingrained in me right from childhood... It was things like, this is growing age, should eat more... I was offered a big pile of food and asked to finish whats in the plate....Till to this date, i cannot understand how much to eat, portion control was not there...

For my own kids who are all all healthy slim kids, the idea is simple- eat what you want, eat healthy and not junk food, so we have limited all junks...

See, if you can help your child build her self esteem by modifying to a healthier diet and help her exercise daily... I have enrolled my kid for tennis, swimming and I am  training her to run...

u have a part to play here... important one. be there for her, help her.....

I battled obesity, i sure hope my child doesnt have to....


aanchal 2013-05-28 18:26:00


besides helping your child to handle bullying, you also need to find out the root cause of obesity. obesity damages a child both emotionally and physically.

if your child is being bullied like this, you may talk to the bully about it. you can sweetly and yet firmly tell her that what she is doing is called bullying, which is bad not only for the victim but for the perpetrator too. (controlling anger in front of bully is difficult, but you have to do it) read this to prepare your talk parentingstations.blogspot.in/2013/03/is-your-child-bully_6395.html

this should help. if it doesnt, you may meet the bully's parents and request them to guide the child properly. sometimes, befriending the bully is the best way out.

your daughter also needs to learn to accept herself and not get too bothered with teasings. it's the most difficult thing to do. but she has to learn that beauty and good figure are not forever. her inner qualities matter the most.



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