Not ready to do swimming

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sachpreet 2013-04-23 10:05:20


Hi Aanchal

My child who turns six recently is not ready to go for swimming class because he is not ready to change clothes infront of maid. Last year he enjoyed swimming in school but this year he don't want to do swimming. I didn't force him.Even at home when my maid comes he don't come  out from bathroom without  undergarments.I told him to change his clothes yourself  while going for swimming class. But he says i don't want to change clothes again & again.

aanchal 2013-04-24 08:33:07


after a certain age all kids develop shame (and they should. you would be more trooubled if he were running naked here and there). it is a developmental step. it is a transition and will take some time before he comfortably adjusts with the idea of no-more-nakedness.

having said that, please make sure that he hasnt been touched in his private parts ever by a maid or an instructor.




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