How to Teach kids in Class 1

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nandinii 2013-04-15 16:35:38


Hi Anchal,

I am a teacher of primary class. Now going to teach kids in class1. I want to know, what are their basic needs and what guidelines i should follow in teaching kids!!


aanchal 2013-04-19 09:26:04


hi Nandini,

there are lots of things that go into teaching kids. it will be quite difficult to cover them all in one post. i generally conduct series of workshops for aspiring or in-service teachers for this.

in brief, if i try to summarize, you need to focus on their psychological needs, developmental needs and learning levels. you may want to train yourself in classroom behavior management, learning difficulties, identification of developmental disorders, etc.

i know this reply is not very helpful. may be u can email me specific queries and i will try to resolve them.



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