Olympiad, my daughter's school do not conduct Olympiad

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swara 2013-02-27 13:02:20


Hi Aanchal,

Do you have any idea, about applying to the Olympiad exams on your own, if the school do not conduct the same?

My daughter is going to a school which is new (3yr old), ICSC board. They do not conduct the Olympiad and they have no plans in future. :-((

Please suggest if there is any way to apply for these exams without school's help.




aanchal 2013-02-27 15:01:02


i just saw this post after going through the other one.

i guess Kalpan has guided u about it.

i would want to know why u want to go for olympiads so eagerly.


swara 2013-02-27 15:18:06


Hi aachal,

I am new to Olympiad term and want to know about it. So felt like gathering some information. This is something which i have heard a lot and not aware of it.

As per KALPAN, the school conducts the Olympia exam for their students. Is there any way to apply for the exam if your school is registered or do not conduct the exam?

My daughter is 6yr old, I want to be a lil aware of these things to provide a guidance to her in future. That is why I am eager to know about Olympiad.




KALPAN 2013-02-27 15:27:36


Hi Swara

The school doesn't conduct these exams for their students. It is conducted by the institutions whose address (link) is provided by me. You can get all the information on that. Only the schools register their students for these exams in these institutions. The examination is conducted by institutions, only the centre for that is our school  and our school teachers takes  these exams on the scheduled time and date in our school for the students registered thro the school.

If your school is not registered with these olympiad foundations- all these queries have also been answered on the respective websites under FAQ. pl go thro that.



swara 2013-02-27 15:50:39



Thanks for the info. :-)

I have gone through the FAQs of sofworld. We can not apply personaly. :-(

Could not find the FAQs of silverzone. Can you send me the link to the FAQs?



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