bed wetting

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saroo 2013-01-15 12:20:15


hi aanchal,

earlier also ur suggestions were very helpful. hope u could help me this time too. my 4 years daughter sometimes bed wet at night. is it normal for her.i am expecting my  second child we had started her to sleep alone ,she understands this is bad but she does it,earlier she used to tell manytimes when she had to go at night,but not now. i wake her up at regular intervals at night but sometimes if i am slightly late she will do inside bed, hope if i should consult a doctor for that.

please provide suggesions................


aanchal 2013-01-15 12:43:39


regression to earlier-stage behaviors is common when a child is expecting a sibling. this is a normal attention seeking behavior.

has she always been bedwetting or is this is a recent change? if recent, then she is experiencing anxiety about having a sibling. if always, then you need to look into the frequency of it. check a link i have sent you in your inbox


saroo 2013-01-17 11:31:21


hi aanchal .

thanks for ur suggestions. she had started these days only from last 1 month 7 th month of pragnancy is  running may be that,s why  she want to get attention .



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