how to handle 13 yrs boys

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vineet04 2012-11-20 12:28:58


Dear Anchal,


          I have 13 yr old son who is having problem in school.Recently i received a call from his school stating he has not attended classes for 2days. When we found him he revealed that he had failed in all his subjects and was afraid of informing in house.The maths subject was harasseing him with objectable words and he was afraid of her and bunk the classes for b2days.he even incompltes his work and bad in spellings.Could u pls advise me if it is good admit him in boarding school.


aanchal 2012-12-11 12:44:47


no, sending your child to boarding school is not going to solve his problems. on the contrary, it will increase them.

i am sorry but there are certain things which are worrying dont notice his poor academic issues till he fails in all his subjects, he runs away from issues fearing you, he is afraid of confiding in you and seeking support from you, you are thinking of further sending him away from you

please tell me, when he showed poor academic skills did you comfort him and provide him the appropriate intervention? when he said his maths teacher is harrassing him, did you fight with the school to support him?

he is an adolescent. this is the worst stage of life. a person is neither a child nor an adult. there are serious issues with self image, identity, relationships. a teenager needs all the support he can get from his parents. sending him away to hostel may not make him intellectually smarter, but might make him emotionally weaker, as it will be perceived as a punishment.

talk to your child. talk your heart out. help him connect with you. find a good tutor for him. change his school if the teachers are not supportive. find out if his poor academics are due to some learning difficulties or due to some emotional difficulties.

children have been known to resort to taking severe steps when they find themselves alone in a scary world..also, you dont want him to seek solace in socially/morally objectionable ways. so hold his hands to guide him.



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