How to teach kid(4.6 years) to eat food on her own

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nani02 2012-10-12 10:46:23


Hi Aanchal,

My kid who is 4.6, is refusing to eat food on her own. I tried somany times. She asks me to feed, if I say No she skips her meal, which makes me to feel sad, and again I endup in feeding her.

Only poori she eats her own.   

Please tell me the tips to make her to eat her own. 

Thanks in advance.



aanchal 2012-10-12 19:22:39


very important thing to keep in mind...if a child knows that you will give in after a while, she will never do what r asking for.

give her more of finger foods and small-chunk foods, which she doesnt have to tear/break to eat. give her in a way that she has to only pick up and eat.

for example, if u r making the chapati, you can cut it into small diamonds after rolling it out and and then put it on tava. or u can cook it and then use pizza cutter to cut into small chunks.same with idlis, dosas.

if possible, avoid items like oopma, poha, something that she has to eat with a spoon for a few days.( you should target one skill at a time and right now, your target is independent eating.)



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