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Hi Aanchal

my 4.5 year old son is active and imaginative in talking when he is in home with me and my husband and also with our family and well known friends . But if we go to a place or if someone comes to our house he talks minimal until the person leaves or till we leave from the friends house. He likes to go and play with other people , but my problem here is that I feel he keeps himself bottled up for some reason in front of others. I tried expllaning him a few times thats its ok to talk and be naughty and just whatever you want to do even when we are outside. Please advice. Thanks , Nishi.

aanchal 2012-10-01 18:40:25


not all children are social butterflies..some are very shy, cautious and hesitant in nature. thats a part of their general perosnality. its normal as long as the child is not showing tantrums or not having a panic symptom.

keep encouraging him to mingle and talk..dont pressurize at all..put yourself in his shoes and feel..if you are not a very social and easy to befriend person and your parents keep asking you to talk to women your age in every party, every get together, i am not sure if you will be very comfortable. the first thought that might cross your mind in such situations is "why should i talk, is there any reason?"

so, dont fret..some children prefer to be like wallpapers in a social situation. putting them in spotlight makes the matter worse for them

that doesnt mean you will stop encouraging. by encouraging i mean:

1. telling the child how good it is to mingle with different people

2. not making faces when the child doesnt mingle

3. not being sarcastic after the guests leave

4. not bribing/ threatening the child about an impending social gathering



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