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Kanishu 2012-09-04 16:03:14


Hi Aanchal,

When we watch any movie or any clips she is getting more involved into it and feeling for them. Even If I explain her that its for fun and entertainment not a real one, she feels for it and gets normal after a long time. So I stopped her to see sentimental movies, she cries for the touching scene and feels bad. Always entertaining with comedy scenes or movies. She is 5 years old. How to make her understand it? If anybody fall sick or any drunkard men lying in the floor , she is asking me to go and help immediately. Everytime Im not able to explain her.

Please suggest me over it.



aanchal 2012-09-08 08:55:53


some children are sensitive to their environment, while some are happy go lucky kinds. you cant change this basic personality. if she feels for people in distress, its a good quality, as long as it doesnt disturb her beyond repair. tell her, that you are not the right person to help him/her. tell her that one should consider one's safety over others' distress, and helping strangers on street is not very safe.

kids at 5 shouldnt see regional movies to begin with. however, if she has watched few of them, she will harbor many fantasies and ideas stemming from them. its difficult to erase them. try disney programs. movies always have more intense emotions than cartoon episodes.




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