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deepali8304 2012-08-28 11:30:02


 I dont have any idea why does my son simply simply grindes his jaw.but i have observed him when some thing he feels difficult to understand, when he is been scolded and when is appreciated he does like that. Is it some kind of disorder?and also he does before when he is going to fall sick. Can any one will tell what may be his problem.I am telling him not to do like that but still he does.he started doing when he was 2.9 year old and wanted to practice writing.that times we used to laugh that he is trying to write so he is doing is jaw like that.but i dont understand is it a kind of habit he developed or some nervous problem or something he is 6.9 year old and still he does.when he gets summer holidays he dont do that it just disappers.Even he had got wizzing problem he is a asthama patient.Now days he eyes is slightly going cross(right eyes going inwords).First time when i noticed that his eyes is going cross was when he was in u.k.g now he is in 2nd standred.I feel may be this could be a reason which makes him grinding his right jaw.Dear frnds waiting for your reply's please give some suggestions.

kruti1 2012-08-28 14:02:06


ru consulting some dr for this. b'cos even my son is same case as of urs. earlier my son never use to do this. but once we have shifted to bangalore  he started doing this . and that to  in sleep when he feels uneasy. but still i m going to tell this  to his dr whenever i will meet him. i got a good homeo dr for hyper activity if u want i will give u.


aanchal 2012-08-28 15:01:59


teeth grinding is clinically called bruxism. it is a habit that many people develop. even many adults grind their teeth in sleep. the most common cause of bruxism is intestinal worms. the other reason is environmental stimulation (learnt and encouraged behavior). if parents clench their teeth while talking in anger, children may learn the same. 3rd reason behind bruxism is misfit upper and lower teeth.

bruxism is not something to worry about. children generally grow out of it. but i would worry if there is an underlying cause. suppose the child grinds teeth by copying from someone, i would worry about the person who does this in front of the child or with the child, rather than the inappropriate copying.

check the link


deepali8304 2012-08-28 19:00:58


Yes Mrs kurti1, i would like to have the contact details of homeo dr for hyper activity.

 I told many doctors about his grinding jaw habits but they say its a habit that he developed.Some time i aslo feel its a habit because when he is very very free like in summer holidays he dont do that. But when if he going to get cold before that he does grinding jaw that time i will come to know that he is going to fall sick. But my husband never belives me.he asks me and says r u a Doctor. i dont force him in any thing but many time he makes such a hyper things which makes me hyper too then i will start scolding him he gets worried and does again grinding jaw.

we had given him all the possible treatment for his asthma like skin allerge test, Inhalers,and Homeopathi but none of this worked still he get severe cold and cough when this rainy and winter season comes.

As aanchal is telling that he may be developed by copying someone but i dont think so because no one in our house and surronding to him does like that and now he is going to new school. i feel the kids having asthma problem have this kind of disorder because of lung congustion.i have seen many kids and adults having asthma and also have cross eye. I m worried about my son where he will also become cross eye.

Dear aanchal he dont have teeth grinding problem, he grinds his the end part of his right jaw with little open mouth.Can he grow out of this habit. 



deepali8304 2012-08-29 10:07:38


 Aanchal thanks for giving the web address on childrens grinding habits.its a very good website.i have got a good informtion on this. 


kruti1 2012-08-29 12:59:21


 i can help u deepali ur prob is not big if takled   properly. try this for jaw grinding for today  tell me what's the result. before ur son sleep make him drink some water and try to make him sleep in a coxy place where he is comfortable and u also sleep with him to give him support and also u will be able see result if u sleep with him. i have tried it worked for me even u try once i think it will work

     dr.deepak no is 9845016756 and also plz tell  what r his issues clearly beforing taking the appointment  that will save ur time. he is also good homeo dr for all  illness.

tell me if u need anything more i will help u out as we r in the same boat


deepali8304 2012-08-29 21:43:20


Thanku so much kruti i will try to follow your method and try to contact dr deepak also but we had already given a homeo treatment and he was fine while taking it  but suddenly once he got severe mouth infection which effectd his teeths and the gums used to bleed and which could effect the brain also dr couldnt understand how this happend. so i thought its because of homeo medicins i stopped giving it. 

my husband also advicing me to start again that homeo medicin but i m scare after that mouth infection.


mikukiku 2012-08-30 10:16:03


hi, better check with a dentist. If bruxism is due to malaligned teeth,either he will suggest selective grinding of teeth or he may suggest a mouth guard to be worn at night. Have a visit once


brave 2012-10-09 12:10:22


mrs aanchal

 my kid is 5 yrs, he grinds teeth for the past 2 yrs...he is hyperactive.

he does it only when he is awake never while sleeping , his therapists dried vibrator brush etc..but has not stopped ,it has reduced a little

they say not to worry as it go away with age ...dont know when?

whats is ur opinion? does it affect his eating habits (he is a picky eater)


deepali8304 2013-01-28 09:56:45


now days I feel my son(7 year old) do it when he is about to catch cold and gets a gland( tonsil) in his right side of his jaw.



maxfax 2014-10-31 19:21:46



m a maxillofacial surgeon ...a specialization dealing with facial bones and soft tissues associated with it including the jaw bone or the mandible.the grinding disorder is multi focal and needs to be addressed separately .



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