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Kuchan 2012-08-25 15:42:46


I have a 5y8m PDDNOS child. I am trying to teach him the concept of greater than and less than. So far he is not getting it. Can you give some ideas?

RoshMom 2012-08-25 19:18:47


 Hi Kuchan,

To teach him the concept clearly, you can use the building blocks of same size to associate the number of objects with the number. Make 2 groups of blocks and make him count them separately. As and when he counts, make him build  2 different towers for 2 groups.  Visual learning will help him understand the difference between these 2 numbers.  Use 3D objects for him to learn easily. Hope this helps. 


aanchal 2012-08-25 21:26:26


it is important to teach the concept of large, big, more, many, before teaching less than/greater than. make sure that he knows the mentioned pre-maths skills well

perhaps the given sequence will help further:

  1. visual aid (2 pictures- group of animals- one has 2 animals and the other has 10, telling the child which picture has more animals)
  2. motor aid (making two groups of chick pea. one with 2-3 units. one with 7-8 units. asking the child to count each group by moving each unit. telling the child which is 'big' group)
  3. kinesthetic aid ((same two pictures of the animals, asking the child to put finger on each animal and count... asking the child which group is 'big'
  4. numerical aid (same two pictures of the animals, with number is animals in each group written at the bottom, this gives immediate association of size with its numerical value..telling which group is bigger)
  5. repeat numerical aid with pictures..asking which group is bigger
  6. do numerical aid without pictures..asking which number is bigger

after this, the concept of less than greater than becomes easy to pick up.

let me know if i have been able to understand your query and gave you satisfactory reply


muskaan 2012-08-26 14:37:16


hi Kuchan,

   my mom use to teach me ,  now i use the same simple technique to teach my son,

  its too simple

1)   give 2 sweets to big no. ( 2 dots ) & 1 sweet (1 dot ) to a smaller no., & draw the lines.

but, before that its imp for the child to differentiate between 2 nos., as suggested by aanchal.

hope, it may be some what helpful to you.


s1828 2012-08-27 15:58:23


Understanding concepts r very important ...once they get the concepts they can do any thing....

As suggested by Aanchal getting pre maths skills is important to understand greater than less than.

Apart from suggestions given by our friends u can also try..u can use stairs to explian him use flash cards or paper and write numbers from Zero to nine...explain him that higher step has higher value and lower step has lower ask him to keep zero on step one & one on step two till number nine after that u can teach him that since zero is in lower step than one it is less than one and since one is in lower step than two it is less than two etc., search online there r many videos on less than and greater than... u can also think of other ways to teach him

After he gets the concept of less than & its sigh of less than and greater than ...u can teach him by saying than crocodile always eats the bigger number so the opening should be always towards big number or tip of the arrow always points down to the smaller number....

Hope this helps



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