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anusai2008 2012-08-24 16:44:09



My son joined school in june.he is 3 years...from then he s not well...either he has cold n cough  or vomitting or fever...expext for vaccination i have not been to the doctor so far except on few ocassions .

he eats only rice wid dal n rasam -Mrng,afternoon and night ...that to made as a paste in he doesnt open his mouth we are forced to continue this practise ..

thrice he drinks milk....thats all is his fruits,no tiffin not even bread ,cakes or so worried....almost into tears everyday thinking about his health.

when i send anything other than chips to his school it comes back to me 


pl pl help me or share ur similar experience.

a worried and a helpless mother

NJ 2012-08-24 23:31:49


For a few days, change his diet to include a variety of dishes(preferably homemade and not cakes or biscuits which contains sugar). Even if he does not eat its fine, A body cannot go hungry for long. He would eventually eat whatever is put before him. To make him eat, try to keep him occupied, like read a story book, or play some game with him , and inbetween feed him. To school send him fruits as snacks, It will come back a few times, but eventually he would eat it. Try different fruits, sometimes he may like banana - many kids do, or mangoes, or any of the seasonal fruits.

Also you may want to deworm him. Try herbal deworming remedies incase you have already tried the albandezole suspensions in the last 6 months. I had mentioned to avoid cakes and biscuits earlier and likewise all sugary foods, is because in case he has worms then the sugar will feed them.


aanchal 2012-08-25 14:08:23


NJ has given excellent inputs.

my two cents....when a child doesnt eat, it can make a mother extremely anxious. out of that anxiety we generally feed the child in whichever way he prefers to eat (mashed/ in front of TV/ spoonfed etc).

the child, when used to being fed in the desired way, will not make an attempt to adopt the age appropriate food and method of eating.

it is difficult to see the child hungry. it may be used as a tool to teach the child the correct way to eat, depending on your attitude while using it. if you angrily show your stance (you will eat this or remain hungry), it will seem more like teaching a lesson than as your attempt at teaching the right thing. so be firm, without feeling anxious, without showing anger.

also, you may want to ask the doctor to check his tonsils and adenoids. children with these two conditions generally prefer liquidy substances.

and dont worry about the cold/cough bouts. when kids start schooling, they get exposed to new sets of germs daily. since their immunity is not strong at this age and stage, they catch infections easily. they get ok in few months. if not, you may want to boost his immunity with magic foods like amla juice, honey, kiwi, guava, chyawanprash etc

teach him basic hygeine (washing hands before eating, not digging nose, sneezing into elbow if hanky is not there etc). also, give him vit-C drops(ask the doctor for it)

you may want to get creative and innovative with the fruits and vegetables you are going to feed him. roll out atta into circle, use knife to make interesting shapes and then roast it on tava. place this chapati on plate, and make designs with other things to eat. for example, you may roast a  car shaped chapati. on a plate, some finely chopped boiled broccoli can be used to make bushes, some upma to make clouds, ketchup for sun (they dont mind the wrong color as long as it is fun to eat)

dont put a lot of pressure on yourself for this, though. it may be extremely frustrating to get your efforts rejected by the child on a daily basis. eat together on the dining table. engage him into talks. he shouldnt feel that he is eating separately. children who eat with their parents, generally eat well

if he is used to churned food till date, suddenly he wont be able to start finger food. go gradually from smoothly churned, to coarsely churned, to finely chopped, to big chunks.



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