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Swati83 2012-07-02 16:43:15



Hi AnchalMy Son is 3.1 yr old. He is under weight/height (10.7/83CM). He doesn't fall ill often (once in 8-10 Months). I have consulted Pediatric endocrinologist, after few test (Growth Hormone) he has suggested that his growth is slow but perfect with consideration that my and my hubby's height is also below average(Mine is 4.11 and My husbands height is 5.5)Now my concern is on the basis of endocrinologist report, I have consulted my regular homeopathy Dr. he is treating my baby from last 6 months,I can see little bit improvement in my son's height (6 month back it was 78.5, now it is 83) , but still confused with following points  1. Is it possible with homeopathy treatment to increase the growth2. Is there any long time health impact3. In homeopathy treatment transparency is very less (Need to believe on whatever Dr is prescribing, no medical description on medicines) He eats regularly, only problem is he hate Milk/Juice but that get compensate with milk items like Dah/Paneer and Fruits and also I convince him to drink 1 Glass of milk on regular basis . otherwise He is active and mentally very strong

aanchal 2012-07-03 07:09:32


i am not a medical expert .so my inputs may not be correct.

here are my two cents as a mother...i would never give medicines for height my own family i have seen people taking allopathy/homeopathy for height, and since the drugs had steroids, they ended up becoming broad, stout and obese people. the increase in height was much less than the increase in weight... what they expected to go by length, went up by width.

my second reservation is about homeo medicines. i have had bad experiences in bangalore. my relatives have had very bad experiences in various other cities. so i no longer give the drops/tablets given by the homeo doc. i buy original bottles from sbl and use.

my third reservation is about overall increase in height..height is a genetic feature..we can meddle with it only to some extent..if a child is genetically endowed with good height, there is no way to keep him small..if parents are small in stature, we may use calcimax, complan, yoga, monkey bars to get an increase of couple of inches, but perhaps, not more than that.

thats my understanding..i am not sure about giving medicines for height, be it allopathy/homeopathy/ may consult experts before changing your opinion.


Swati83 2012-07-04 13:22:50


Thanks for your input



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