Is Speaking ability pre-requisite for Joining Playgroup

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Sinha 2012-05-16 17:38:44



I know Playgroup topics are not to be discussed here, however this is a bit different topic. Hence posting here. My kid is 1.9 years, He is quite energetic and by now he starts getting bored at home. Since we are a nuclear family, he doesnt find much opportunity to play and keep talking  to us. I believe, this is why he is yet to speak meaningful words. He blabbers non-stop though. I was thinking of putting him in playgroup for 2.30 hrs a day so that his speaking ability gets improved and he has better options to explore and learn. I have read many a posts in parenttree where admission to playgroup has been recommended in such scenarios. However, someone suggested me to wait till he starts speaking. They think if child cant express their experiences/needs abt playgroup at home, it may have adverse impact. Now, its a deadlock situation. For improving speaking ability, the child needs a playgroupm and to admit in playgroup, child should speak ?

pls advise.

jishnu2008 2012-05-17 12:06:56


dear sinha,

do not worry too much about your son not being able to speak properly...i hope he will pick up words as soon as possible...u can very well go ahead and give your son a admission in playgroup...even I did for my son when he was just 1.6 years after almost two years he is now with Kidzee Junior KG...

i do not know to admit in a playgroup...child needs to speak...and frankly at your son's age try not to go for a commercial school like kidzee or eurokids. instead try for schools run by ex-teachers at thier premises or homes. my son went to an ex-montisssori retired my son knows things more than his age...and we give all credit to that teacher...also going school everyday helps them to have a habit and understanding of going to schools...

nothing to do with being a nuclear family...we were also in chennai all all depends upon the atmosphere and kind of exposure you provide to your chill and go out...give some outside exposure to your kid



Sinha 2012-05-20 09:47:02


 Thanks a lot for your advices. Anchal, I have goen through your article. It suggests Playschool is not a requirement. May I ask both of you, what kind of outside exposure we can provide to the kid preferrably to improve his speech and overcome his boredom at home

Thanks for your help.


aanchal 2012-05-20 16:49:32


some suggestions and links

basically, at this age, you dont need to target academic skills. rather, you need to help the child develop his pre-acadmeic skills(pre-maths, pre-reading, pre-writing), along with social skills, interpersonal skills, confidence, sense of humor, creativity, imagination, play skills, self-help skills(self-eating, self-dressing), communication skills, locomotion skills etc.

and above all, the child needs to feel unconditionally loved and accepted by parents, before developing any skill.



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