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KALPAN 2012-03-02 12:12:50


Hi Aanchal,

I have been reading your valuable advices on different forums of parentree and I really appreciate the same. 

My daughter 6 years old (now in 1st std) is having slight difficulty in reading english i.e. she reads fluently but whenever any new word comes, she doesn't read that and asks me what it is. I am teaching her to break the big words in small and then read but she doesn't attempt and waits for me.  For eg. I asked her to read the newspaper name i.e. THE INDIAN EXPRESS. She read THE INDIAN and stopped at EXPRESS.  Then I told her EX is ex and if I pronounce like what is PRESS she will say press but together she on her own not able to read.  I have asked for the book 'How to teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons' from Flipcart as suggested by you in some other forum but looking at the book is it too late for her at this age?? I should have started that long back when she was 3-4 years old??  Otherwise with all the known word she reads fluently.  Is it OK for this age and am I expecting too much from her??

Pl reply.  The book I am going to start only in the vacation. Daily I am trying to make her read some new stuff but she is not that enthu to read that.  If you can suggest me some good internet sites which teaches the child of her age to read, that will be useful for me.

Thanks in advance

aanchal 2012-03-02 20:36:32


its never too late to start..so in my opinion you may use the book with her. however, you may skip the first few lessons that are very basic.

for her, since she is basically fine with phonetics, you may focus more on "sight words' to increase her fluency in reading. (while phonetic method teaches to analyze and synthesize the words, the sight method uses the whole-word approach to read the word automatically without breaking. both methods are important) if you google sight words list for grade 1, you will find dolch list for this grade. make flashcards for each word and teach her by showing one word at a time. you can make word wall with those flashcards so that she can see the words everyday.

put name stickers on objects around the house. like, on door, put a sticker that says 'door'..similarly 'brush' near her brush stand, 'kitchen' on kitchen door, 'fridge' on the fridge..you may also put some sentence-stickers here and there around the house too..for example, "if the soap is not wet, you are not done yet" in bathing area, "eat your greens" near dining table etc

send me your email id and i will send you some good links


KALPAN 2012-03-02 23:31:30


 Hi Aanchal

Thanks for your prompt reply.  I have sent you may mail id thro' PT mail. Pl send the links n that makes sure that my expectation about her are ok. 

Thanks once again


srajie 2012-12-12 15:18:09


Dear Aanchal,

I am too interested. Pls send me the link too .srajie78@yahoo.co.in 


Rains1234 2013-01-02 13:30:11




I was browsing through the website for schools in Mumbai and come on this interesting post about Phonics by someone in which you had writtent hat you have a FB page. Its very interesting because I am really struggling with my 4.5 yr old daugther for the same. She has been poor with phonics and I also started use of flash cards for sight words but she just does not want to sit down and do it.

I would like to get tips from you on your FB page, request you to kindly send me the link for the same.


Renu Gupta




KALPAN 2013-01-02 15:02:31


Updates on my previous post.

I started the book 'Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons' and the book was very useful. Around 85 lessons we finished in the vacation itself and now whenever we get time and we sit and read and understand the lessons from that 'BIG BOOK'. Yes my daughter calls that book as 'BIG BOOK'. Now she not only reads but tells me the meaning also of the sentence. In addition to this I changed her school (CBSE Board) which is having different paper pattern i.e. nothing taught in classroom or in worksheets comes for the exam.  It is totally different and the child can write only if the concept is understood.  I am happy with her progress. Making her sit for olympiad exams has also helped me a lot.  Not too much stress given by me on her for these exams but she has learnt to go ahead even if she doesn't understands something and attempt it.




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