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deepshan79 2012-02-21 08:03:04


Hi Aanchal,

My son is 3 years old. He is not a shy kid. He is very open and free with everybody. He doesnt hesitate to talk to strangers as well and a very active kid. He finds friends for himself to play with.  But i feel he has a stage fear. I know that this is too early to judge but his behaviour is very confusing. In the sense, when there are kids that he knows then he goes boldly on the stage to dance and dosent hesitate at all. But sometimes when we take him to a mall where there is a dance floor for kids, there he hesitates a lot to go and dance. Also i had put him in a fancy dress contest in our building. He went to the stage after a lot of pushing and he stood there and smiled at everybody. but he was turning back and looking at me and after a few seconds he came running back.

Actually i need your advise as to how to remove this hesitation that he has. I dont want him to have stage fear. How do i train him so that in future he dosent have this problem.



aanchal 2012-02-24 13:48:49


at the age of 3, stage fear is not the correct word to use..you said he is an open and extrovert child..but he feels hesitant in performing on stage..i feel its ok..the more you show your disappointment in this, the more he will feel hesitant to perform. keep encouraging him, but dont push him..when he doesnt go on stage, simply say, "its ok"..if he does go, simply say, "that was good"..dont blow up the matter in either case..we also need to analyze why certain trait in the kid is so important to us..our own experiences and perceptions shouldnt guide our wishes for our kids too much.

by the fears and hesitations at 3 years of age, we cant predict the future personality much..so, dont feel pressurised  by this.



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