Child biting and throwing things

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Twinmom14 2012-02-15 14:22:55


 I have twins 21 mnths a girl and boy . My daughter if she gets angry tends to throw things and sometimes,bites, hits her brother or me. None of us at home practice this behavior to throw things when angry . Another thing is also she throws herself down . This behavior of hers I guess she has imitated . Once we went to a mall and one child happen to do the same though I diverted my pram in the other direction so as to avoid her from viewing it she happened to have a glimpse I suppose.

How to handle this? I repeatedly tell her not throw things etc but she just doesn't listen my sn too has started doing the same seeing her. Please help.

mikukiku 2012-02-15 16:11:53


hi even i faced a similar problem with one of my twin. he will hit against the wall,door,fridge or even floor when he throw temper tantrums..u can find a bump in his forehead...but gradually he gave up this habit...

Jus keep telling not to do so...she  will gradually outgrow this habit. dnt worry


aanchal 2012-02-15 18:51:24


at the age of 21 months, children dont really know the right behvior that should be learnt from others. they see others doing it and how the behavior fetches attention(although negative) and they learn they should be doing the same.

you may simply make a wall chart of few action words' pictures and show her like this, "sitting- good, standing-good, throwing things-not good" etc. when you repeatedly tell the child, he/she learns..also, check your response that you give after she throws you get overly and overtly worried? do you get very frustrated(even though you dont scold)? do you scold? do you show distress and disappointment? coz many children do negative behavior simply to enjoy the reactions of adults.keep fragile and important things out of her reach. let her throw small petty things. dont stop her too much. simply put things back, but sometime later, not immediately..i believe she will stop doing this.


Twinmom14 2012-02-17 15:03:38


 Thanks annchal and miku. Hope she stops dg it later will follow ur suggestions annchal .



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