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mikukiku 2012-02-02 11:47:47


Hi Aanchal,

I am working mom of twin boys. They turn 3 by coming March. I want to enroll them in good development programs or similar kind. Main criteria is to keep them engaged. Their school timing is 9.20 to 12.30 p.m. My care taker will not be coming from June onwards. My MIL finds very difficult  to manage them single-handedly. I reach home by 6.30.

My kids are quick learners and they could learn anything if taught properly. I have flooded them with CD's, puzzles, finger painting, toys etc. I have activity books, prepared custom worksheets for their age, generated cross-words etc. Member in a kids library and I used to hire age-appropriate books. They will play in system eg. abcya, starfall,shepparard software with MIL's help. Inspite of all these efforts, they keep fighting for no reasons which troubles me a lot.

After thorough search, I found Mikids program of sipacademy and Tiny tots program of Aloha are age appropriate for my kids. Both are close to my residence.

Pls suggest me a best program for my kids. Also advise any other after- school activity. I am planning to take only one course or program.  Pls help

aanchal 2012-02-06 19:00:27


i feel that they are already doing a lot of cognitive activities. in my opinion, they should be allowed to do free-play too..boys do fight for no reason..its their basic shouldnt try to curb their boyishness by diverting them into cognition always..tchildren should not be deprived of their silly play simply because of our practical limitations.

thats my 2 cents..if you still wish to put them into some sort of activity place, i would suggest a non-academic learn something different from mental activity.



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