My son started hitting others...

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komalhyd 2012-01-19 17:14:38



My 6 yrs old son had started hitting other children in school. Also he started speaking very badly( not using abusive language). His teacher is complaning a lot about his behaviour with other classmates. He push and hit others. Aslo one very big problem that he had started telling lies to us and to teacher also.

I am pregnant and just entered in my 9th month. I am really worried about his behaviour as i feel that might be i am not paying attention to him and not taking him out. Please help me out in this matter. Waiting for your help...




aanchal 2012-01-27 18:10:29


when the mother is pregnant, her elder one goes through a lot of emotional uphealvals. most children feel cheated, left out, frustrated, dejected and angry about parents' need to have another child. in your case, your child is showing his anger, which has not been addressed by you at home. talk to your child. tell him how much you love him. tell him how your love is going to be multiplied and not divided when the younger one comes. show him his pics from babyhood and coach him how small babies need constant care and that may lead to delayed response from you when he needs you. ask your husband to spend more time with your son, to fill that gap of parental love that he might experience due to your busyness later. may be someone has teased him too how he would be neglected once the baby arrives because of which he is so angry.

its all about mental and emotional preparation to welcome the sibling. if you need further help on coaching your son to handle sibling rivalry, send me your email id through PT inbox and i will send you a relevant file on that.

hope this helps



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