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SiyaKiaan 2012-01-04 16:33:50



Hi, My daughter is 5.6 yrs old. Currently, my daughter is going for bharathnatyam class, Abacus. I am planning to put her for new language (May be French) class and karate. Is this too much for her. Language class will be twice a week. Will she be over burden? Right now she is very much interested in attending these classes. Please guide me Regards,Pritee Sardar

aanchal 2012-01-27 18:22:02


dance, maths, language, karate...4 classes plus school, plus play, plus homework, plus socialization, plus TV, plus relaxation, plus daily self care chores, plus sleeping...its definitely too much on the child..go easy on her..she has a lot of time to learn many things..too many things at a time not only overburden the child, but also makes him/her jack of all and master of none..there is a fine line between exposure to the variety of life and overburdening the child. read the line somewhere in the middle of this discussion where poonam says "expose the world to the child".

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