Interior wood work for new house

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nithyae 2014-04-16 10:05:33


Can any one provide suggestions/inputs for interiors in terms of word robes, modular kitchen etc for a new house.

Any good/bad experience.

supr 2014-05-06 00:14:17


We did our home interior 2 years ago,  carpenter is a good guy,  If u wnt I can recommend him, but you need to provide the design details. 

indianmom123 2014-07-01 10:46:41


Few things that I can think of -

- If you have any existing wardrobes (steel/wooden/whatsoever), ask your carpenter to keep an empty space for them and to cover them using a door, just like the additional ones made. This will make sure that all your wardrobes will fit into this space without any additional projections.
- You can affix good quality mirror on one of the doors of wardrobe, if you don't have a dressing table/mirror
- You can ask the carpenter to fix some hooks/rods as appropriate on the inside of the doors, to keep your little things organized
- Instead of going for same width for all the racks of the wardrobe, you can consider what all need to be kept, and then design the sizes of the racks appropriately.

- You can ask the carpenter to keep some space at the back of the doors stopped with rods, to keep small spice containers etc
- Above the sink, you can have a plate/glass/spoon rack, and you can have it covered too. If you keep it at this place, water can drip into the sink directly, after you keep them in place after washing
- You can make use of the space under the sink by making it a bit more organized by keeping wire racks behind the doors, to keep dish wash liquids/soaps/cleaning aids/tissues and so on.
- Kitchen is where you're going to be most of the time. So, along with making it maximum organized, add your personal touch of happiness by leaving a little space to keep some flowers or some nice picture or whatever makes you happy while you work in kitchen

Hope this helps :)

archo 2015-03-05 19:20:56


-in wardrobes, some space can be reserved for safes to be installed. then we can do away with steel almiras. anyway these days we don't keep much at home. godrej is making safes of different sizes.


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