Tips for dad or the support person - labour and childbirth

Parentree-editors 2008-08-26 12:01:01

You are going to be the critical resource for mother-to-be during labour and childbirth (or delivery) Here are some tips you will find useful.

  • If you are taking childbirth classes and want to be with mom in the delivery room, check with your hospital if they allow this. Many hospitals in India currently do not allow anyone inside the delivery room (people are allowed in the labour room but not in the delivery room). An early check will prevent disappointment later.
  • Go to the childbirth classes with mother-to-be.
  • Refresh some pointers from the class beforehand.
  • Stay calm and focused. You may have to calm for both you and her.
  • Pay attention to what she is saying and try to respond quickly
  • Be encouraging and positive (do not be critical and cranky at this time).
  • Practice the breathing techniques with her
  • If she is being monitored, you can view the approaching contractions on the monitor and guide her when to breathe. Encourage her to relax in between contractions
  • Don't take her words personally at this time. She might be angry and upset and may even tell you to shut up. This is the time to be forgiving.
  • If she wants you to talk, remind her of some of the pleasant experiences you have had together or something funny. Be prepared with some memories.
  • Have a camera handy.


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