7 signs of tension, stress and anxiety in children

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Tension, stress and anxiety have become common among parents in India. But did you know that children also feel similar emotions and need your help to overcome it. Here are some signs that your child feels these negative emotions.

  • React emotionally to minor difficult situations
    • Even small problems seem to cause them a lot of stress and they shout or cry when they encounter these
    • Examples
      • Cry or scream when they are not able to do something that requires extra effort
      • Cry or complain when losing during a game they are playing
  • Try to control everything
    • They appear to be very bossy telling other children what to do
    • Examples
      • Constantly tell their siblings to do this or that
      • Tell you to where a certain food should be served on their plate and react loudly if it is not
  • Always asking you what to do because they fear making a mistake
    • They appear very dependent on your help for whatever it is they do and whateve
    • Examples
      • When spelling out words, they are always asking you the next letter of the word rather than taking a chance at spelling it themselves
      • When building blocks, they keep asking you if it is OK to do this or that
  • Focus excessively on perfectionism
    • They seem to "sweat the small stuff" and worry too much about small variations
    • Examples
      • If they are playing cricket, they are always asking for you to stand in the exact same place to bowl the ball to them
      • They often point out even the negligible mistakes of others
  • Talk a lot about accidents, disasters etc. and worry about them
    • They are worried that something bad will happen to them and that bad luck is around the corner
  • Inattentiveness and lack of concentration
    • They often appear to be worried about something else or about something that could go wrong
  • Disturbed sleep
    • Stressed children often have disturbed sleep
    • Examples:
      • Bad dreams, nightmares
      • Bruxism - gnashing of teeth in the night

Stress, and tension are caused by many factors - at home, parents' behaviour, school pressure, outside happenings etc.,  Children often imbibe them just like adults and feel stress and tension.  This can often affect their social behaviour and educational performance.  Watch for the signs above and you will understand if this is happening to them. Even if it does, it can be easily reversed with help from you.


2012-08-30 15:37:13


i am worried bcz all these symptoms are of my three yaer old daughter. For god sake plz help me to overcome this situation. how can i take her out

2010-03-05 11:09:27


i find many of the things listed above in my child. i want to resolve them, please advise how i can help her to overcome these issues.


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