How do you know that you are in labour?

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Talk to your doctor beforehand, as to when you should call them and when you should go to the hospital. This way you will not be stressed when the time comes.

If you think labour has begun, you should call your doctor. They can help you decide on the next steps. Many doctors talk to you to gauge whether you are in real and active labour and are ready for going to the hospital. Basically, many times, if they feel that you are having trouble talking, it might signal that its time to go to the hospital.

Even if you have started the labour process, many doctors recommend that you stay at home during the very early stages of labour and go to the hospital (in the latter half of the first stage of labour).  Basically, the rule of thumb many doctors follow is if your contractions last 45-60 seconds and are 3-5 minutes apart, then its time to go to the hospital.

Call your doctor if you see the following signs which suggest you might be in labour:

  • You might be approaching real labour if your contractions are getting stronger and come in more frequent intervals. Your doctor will want to know how often you are getting contractions and how long each of them lasts.
  • Pregnant women often feel contractions that may not be the real thing. This is referred to as false labour or Braxton-Hicks contractions. These contractions are erratic and mild and do not get more intense over time.  This is common, but do not feel embarrassed about calling your doctor. It is better to talk to your doctor and decide with them whether you are in real labour or not.
  • You experience lower back pain that doesn't go away, similar to what you get during your periods.
  • You experience abdominal sensations like premenstrual cramps.
  • Your water breaks. This could be a trickle or a sudden gush.
  • A slightly bloody, mucous comes from your vagina. This is called a “show”. This is the plug that blocks the cervix and usually signals that the baby is getting ready to come out.


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