How will my baby look at birth?

Parentree-editors 2008-08-26 09:55:24

Your baby will not be at her prettiest when she arrives. She has been inside you for nine months, and then went through the twists and turns of coming out.

Expect to see some of the following after a vaginal birth:

  • Mis-shaped head (it will be like a cone or oblong shaped). This is caused by the pressures exerted on the baby as he comes out.
  • She will be covered in a gooey white material called vernix.
  • Her skin may look patchy with some pale areas, some blue areas and some red, purple or pink. Most of these are due to the lack of maturity of the baby's blood circulation system. As the system matures, your baby will look like the ones you see in the advertisements.
  • His face could be a little swollen and he may have little bruises due to his passage through the birth canal.
  • She may have soft, downy hair especially if the baby was premature. It usually disappears on its own. This hair is called lanugo.
  • He may have enlarged genitals

Don’t worry.  In a few days your baby will look a lot different!

A baby born after a c-section may have fewer of these looks. The head and face may not have suffered the pressures of a natural birth.


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