Teaching children through logical-mathematical intelligence (multiple intelligence) - Activities, Toys, Materials, Examples

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Logical-mathematical intelligence is how we understand, manipulate and use logic, numbers and reasoning to understand how something works or detect a framework/pattern that exists or to create something. This is an integral part of conventional intelligence and is well understood by parents.

For a child, who is strong in logical-mathematical intelligence, here are some ways in which you can provide interesting learning opportunities.

Strengths of children with logical-mathematical intelligence

  • Find order in complex situations - classify, sequence, find patterns
  • Problem solving through logical breakdown and analysis
  • Easily manipulate numbers
  • Identify cause and effect

Activities that children with logical-mathematical intelligence will enjoy

  • Solving logical and mathematical puzzles
  • Research projects - collecting statistics and analyzing them
  • Measurements and surveys
  • Complex scientific and mathematical theories
  • Experiment to discover cause and effect
  • Classify various objects using diagrams - Venn diagrams, trees etc.,
  • Using abstract symbols and formula
  • Any type of calculation

Helping children with logical-mathematical intelligence learn

For children with logical-mathematical intelligence, problem solving, setting complex situations in a determined order, and logical theories are the best pathways to help them learn.

  • Make them think through the reason behind everything
  • Keep asking them questions to help them get to the root of the issue
  • Help answer their questions about what, why, when, where and how
  • Frame all concepts as cause and effect
  • Illustrate the links between the various lessons they learn, so they can work through them logically
  • Help them remember patterns - logical, numerical and mathematical - in what they learn
  • Help them breakdown what they learn into multiple steps and help them identify the connections between each step

Toys and materials that you should have for children with logical-mathematical intelligence

  • Puzzles - especially mathematical ones
  • Number games like Sudoku
  • Ordering, sequencing toys
  • Calculator
  • Measurement instruments
  • Paint-by-numbers pictures
  • Letter puzzles - anagrams
  • Science experiments

Examples of how to teach various topics to children with logical-mathematical intelligence


  • Children with logical-mathematical intelligence find mathematics very easy.  However, when teaching mathematics focus on the logic behind what they learn rather than teaching them by rote


  • Have your child measure the temperature outside your house and inside your house, every hour of the day, for a few days. Let them deduce a formula for how to calculate the temperature inside based on the temperature outside.
  • Learn the periodic table as a series of numbers, by defining and finding the patterns for atomic weight and atomic number.
  • Give them a set of different flowers and have them classify them based on various characteristics


  • Have your child gather statistics on the economies of different countries and have them connect the economic performance to social indicators (average lifespan, number of hospitals per 1000 people, literacy rate)
  • Trace in reverse the path of the rotis they eat - where do you buy the wheat, what state of India the wheat comes from, what river waters are used to irrigate those wheat fields, where does the river start etc., and have them build a geographical tree of all the places that are in that chain
  • Do a study on global warming and what could happen for every degree rise in temperature


  • Create a timeline of various historical events and calculate the average time between signficant development in each civilization/culture
  • Analyze the reason behind similar historical events - World War I, World War II, the Russian-Afghanitan War, the India-Pakistan war etc., and analyze the reasons that triggered the wars

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