15 fun ways to help teach your child write

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Here are some practical tips that Indian parents can employ to help their preschoolers and little kids start writing.

  1. Make sure writing materials are always handy - paper (could be recycled calendars, one-sided printouts etc.,), pens, pencils. Children get the impulse to write at any time. If they have access to the materials required they can start writing whenever they feel like it. If they have to ask you, they may get distracted or you may be too busy and the moment may pass.
  2. Get large sized alphabet toys - fridge magnets, floor mats, alphabet puzzles - to get them familiar with the letters. Seeing letters in larger size, keeps reinforcing their shapes to your child. He will also enjoy playing with them on the floor or on the fridge.
  3. Help them play writing games with letters - filling in missing letters in words, anagrams etc., Starting with writing a letter or two at a time, in the form of a game makes writing fun. Here is one example of a game you can play. On a piece of paper, mark as many dashes (-) as there are letters in a word. Fill in a few of the letters, and then start giving your child clues about the word. Another game is to make the sound a letter makes, and have them write the letter or to say a word and have your child write the first and last letters of the word.
  4. Get them activity books - where children can connect dots to make letters etc., A structured activity like a book with letter and alphabet games can make writing fun.
  5. Get greeting cards during your favourite holiday or festival. Write messages for your friends and family and have your child write her name. You can also have her add a word of endearment or two for dear grandpa and grandma or uncle and aunt.
  6. Get a family photograph, stick it on a piece of paper and have your child write the names of the family members.
  7. If you are preparing to go grocery shopping, take your child to the kitchen with you. Give them a paper and a pen and have them write down what you need to buy from the store. You may have to spell some items for them, and it may take time.  But they will love the responsibility and also learn the practical value of writing things down.  Children can make lists of many things - books they have, toys in the room, movies they have watched etc.,
  8. Sit down with your child and create a story. Let her draw out a few scenes of the story and write out the words to it. Sometimes she may need help with spelling or may get tired of writing, at which points you can help. Once done, staple the pages together like a book.
  9. Keep a wall or a door of the house, reserved for exhibiting your children's work. You can put up anything they write, on this wall also. It will make them proud.
  10. Have your child make alphabet shapes with play dough (clay) or blocks (Lego). It helps them memorize the shapes of the alphabets and they can do this with pliable material.
  11. When you take your child for a trip, get her a notebook that she can take notes in.  When she comes back, sit with her, help her read through her notes and write a report of the trip.
  12. If your child likes any stories they read or songs they hear, have them copy it from the original, into their notebook.
  13. If you are in the habit of playing word games like crosswords or number games like sudoku, get your child to sit with you and have them fill in the letters or numbers.
  14. Have your child write letters to family, his friends etc., Give hm an envelope to put the letter in, address it, stamp it and mail it. Also, make sure he is receiving letters from someone else like grandma and grandpa or other close relatives and cousins. If not, write the letter yourself and mail it to your own home so your child gets the pleasure of receiving and reading written letters.
  15. Write a sentence or a few sentences at the top of a piece of paper. Give the paper and an old magazine to your child. Have her cut out letters from the magazine, and stick them on the paper so she recreates your sentence.


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I loved this blog and have kept a soft copy of the same in my PC for reference. It is very informative and cleared some of the questions that I had in my mind. I am especially focusing on developing writing skills in 30-36 months old. Any specific tips? Regards!

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Really a great post just love it :)


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