April Fools Day tips n tricks for families with kids

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Ha ha ha!!! Got you! Happy April Fools day!

Do not forget April 1 is April fools day. A day full of pranks, practical jokes, leg pulling and general masti celebrated all over the world. Play a prank on your kids, spur them to play a prank on their pals or their teacher, play a prank on others and enjoy the fun and laughs. Isn’t it a great way to foster humour in your kids, have fun with them and spur them to use their humour and creativity to have fun with their pals and teachers? We have some ideas to spur some ideas in you.

First, some interesting trivia on why we celebrate April fool’s day. The exact reason is unknown. But it is generally believed that before the 16th century in medieval France, the New Year would start with the advent of spring, on April 1. In the 16th century, the French king replaced this calendar with the new Gregorian calendar (the calendar we use now). In this Gregorian calendar the New Year starts with January 1. Some folks continued to celebrate April 1 as the New Year and these folks were the butt of many practical jokes from the others who had started using the new calendar. So, you see it is such a hoary tradition.

Start by playing a prank on your kids

  • You could start the day by waking up your children to a prank that you play on them. Make sure that it is something that will surprise them and make them laugh.
  • For the little ones, make sure that it is not scary, sad or too disappointing. Look for outlandish themes instead. Little ones can take things very literally and seriously at times and once affected, it might be difficult to undo their mood. Also, for young children, keep to ideas that are short and they can react to fast since they tend to forget things.
  • Be creative and have fun. And remember to keep a straight face for some time until they are surprised at least. Here are some ideas to spur some ideas in you.
  • Apples or strawberries growing in guava or banana trees. Or roses growing out of marigold flower plants. Attach some of these outlandish fruits or flowers on these trees or plants.
  • Oh yes, what about noodles growing on plants? A funny sight for sure. This is inspired by a famous 1950s prank that the BBC television show Panorama played on its viewers that spaghetti was growing on trees. Millions of viewers watched this and many even called up the TV station and asked for details.
  • Spray some party snow outside or on the window and say that it snowed at night.
  • There is a poor little baby elephant who is lost outside.
  • Make your spouse, the butt of some jokes. Something fun like cotton candy or feathers growing from his or her nose.

Keep up the humour as the day progresses. Some tips

  • What about some harmless green food colouring in their milk?
  • Keep mixing up words. When you say bye to them as they leave for school, say, “Hello, how was your day”. Imagine the amused look on their faces when you ask them to have their milk very slowly. The kids will crack up and correct you. Try and keep up a straight face to pull it up. And of course end with a few laughs.
  • The kids will catch on and will reciprocate with jokes and pranks of their own. Encourage them to think of things themselves and be creative. You will be surprised at the outlandish stuff they can concoct. You might start even getting a little weary of the umpteen times they try different variations of, “Mama, look back, there is a mama Giraffe wanting to eat your hair…HA HA HA”. Keep up your own repertoire of pranks and jokes.
  • Do silly things. Mix up your clothes. Ask them to be creative and mix up their clothes. Kids with uniform might not be able to pull this off. But it will sure give your preschooler some food for thought.
  • Ask them to give mock gifts (wrapped presents with nothing or a hoax inside) to your spouse or other adults. Typically young children do not dig getting mock presents with nothing inside. The disappointment puts them off.
  • Reverse the order of the dinner. Serve ice cream first. Children sure will be pleasantly surprised. Keep up a straight face.
  • Stick some toffee on something with super glue. And watch their expression when they try to take it off. Do keep some spare toffees should they get too disappointed or frustrated and avoid bed temper tantrums.

Encourage them to play harmless pranks on their friends

Let them be creative and even come up with their ideas as to what will “get” their pals. But do guide them and give them some food for thought. Help them select ideas with a short lead time that they can pull off easily. Give them pointers on pulling off the pranks - keeping a straight face till they are surprised etc.

And do not forget to...

Moms and dads do not forget to play some pranks on each other. Its an excuse to have some fun with your friends, coworkers, your boss, your maid, your mother in law.

And let us keep up the April Fools spirit up even after it is over and play some pranks occasionally and keep the mazaak and masti rolling.


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