Feeling tired? - 8 ways to feel more energetic during your pregnancy

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Feeling tired and fatigued is part of being pregnant. Here are a few things you can do to try and build up as much energy as possible.


Low impact exercises (like walking and swimming) not only help you stay fit but even a little bit of exercise increases your energy.  If you setup a routine for doing these,  You can even walk at home and even when watching TV (be careful not to stumble on anything).

Do discuss your exercise routine with your doctor early in your pregnancy. If you have a normal pregnancy, then the general rule of thumb is that you can continue doing whatever exercise routine you were doing before you got pregnant.

Do not start a new exercise routine while pregnant other than very low impact exercises like walking and swimming. That is why it’s important to start exercise before you conceive - you can continue with your exercise during your pregnancy and enjoy being healthy and having a healthy baby.

High impact exercises like jogging or cycling should be done after consultation with your doctor.


Pregnancy yoga classes are very popular and a group setting with other moms can also be uplifting.  Find yourself a good teacher who can help you with simple low-stress asanas that are beneficial. Check with your doctor before starting any new class and stay away from any yoga asanas that you find difficult to do.


Low-impact aerobics are also a good way of getting the mild exercise required to put some bounce back into your step. But make sure you find a well qualified expert instructor who knows what he/she is doing and has experience working with pregnant mothers. High impact aerobics are a definite no-no.

Get enough sleep

Get atleast eight or more good and relaxed hours of sleep.  Get to bed early and at a regular time. Try to take a nice relaxing shower before going to bed. Sometimes it also helps to take short naps (30 minutes or less) in the afternoon.

Nutritious food

Focus on eating a healthy, nutritious diet rather than on the quantity of food.  Mix the right quantities of carbs, protein, iron, minerals and vitamins (See healthy Indian foods during pregnancy).  And remember "eating for two" means you and a little baby. Some foods like bananas, raisins and almonds can give a quick boost of energy. 

Do try to stay away from using caffeinated foods for energy boosts. Though they may give you a quick stimulation, they may cause increased wakefulness in you and your baby thus disturbing your sleep (See Is it safe to drink coffee during a pregnancy?)

Drink adequate water

Focus on staying hydrated especially in hotter climates like India. Drink 8 glasses of water a day at regular intervals. It helps not only your energy but also keeps your body cleansed. 


Many women report that meditation during pregnancy helps them focus and calm down.  Taking some time off to look at your inner self can be very refreshing. Some women do it in a quiet place, while some like some soft music or others chant. Whatever works for you, do it.

Relax and let it be

There are many things to be done during a pregnancy - focusing on good food, your health. doctor's visits, shopping, taking care of older children, home etc., Do not try to get everything done. Let some things be as they are. Prioritize and focus on the most important things - the baby inside you and other children if you have them. Everything else can be done another day. Stressing about all the things you need to do, can sap yoru energy and make you feel fatigued. Keep a positive, can-do attitude and work on making your to-do list short and realistic. 

Good luck.


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