Novel ideas for birthday party return gifts

mango_mama 2008-08-22 17:31:58

Here are some novel and useful ideas for birthday party return gifts from my collection. Most will work for both genders and for most ages. Also, they encourage some activity for kids vs. just acquiring clutter.

  • Fishes and a fish bowl (2/3 fishes in a plastic bag with water, a small fish bowl, a packet of fish food. Ask a local pet shop. I recently found one and all the items tocal cost was arond Rs. 70). Do not forget to put the card for the pet shop so folks can call for instructions and to get fishes. The fishes die. So that is the sad part.
  • Potted plant with instructions.
  • Pot, mud in plastic bag, seeds and instructions to grow the plant.
  • Some clay items (local potters, example pottery town in Benson town, Bangalore) and paints (Rs. 10)
  • Some beads and thread for making necklaces for girls
  • Doll making kit (Be creative and put it together yourself) for girls
  • A group photo taken at a party in a photo frame (you will have to be quick. Ask a local photographer for ideas on copying pics)
  • A white t shirt and fabric paints. Kids paint t shirts at the party and take them home
  • Drawing book/ Sketch book and interesting or even plain colors
  • 50-100 rs cash in an envelope
  • 50-100 rs gift voucher (landmark, baskin robbins ice cream etc.)
  • Water bottle (you can always use them)
  • Caps for kids (with dinosaurs, barbie etc. on them)
  • Small teddy bear and a small shirt that kids can decorate for the teddy bear
  • Any others? Do comment and add...



2010-10-12 16:30:40


Thanks for sharing wonderful ideas... Indianplayschools, thanks for sharing webiste...its really helpful...from all aspects of birthday party...loved it...will surely use the ideas for next b'day party for my son...recetnly he had his b'day!!!

2010-08-24 23:42:18


Hi I really liked your ideas for return gifts. I am planning a birthday party for my daughter,she'll be ONE in a few weeks. I am a little new to Bangalore. Can you please let me know where I might be able to find - kids white t-shirts in bulk, beads and strings? :) I hope you still look at this site since this post seems to be almost 2 years back. Thanks for your help Madhu


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