New dads - 6 ways to bond with baby

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New dads often find themselves wondering how they can bond with their baby, especially when compared to mom who is spending so much time with baby through maternity leave, feeding the baby etc., Of course, moms have carried the baby for nine months and seem to slip naturally into their role. Believe it or not, evolution has ensured that you, the dad, have also slipped naturally into your new role. You just haven't noticed it.  Here are some tips that will get you started on how to bond with your baby.

Create a "Daddy time"

With moms and dads going to work, there is always less time to spend with baby. The first step to resolve this is to ensure that you dedicate a certain time every weekday to spend alone with your baby. Make sure you are alone with your baby during this time.

It can be any time - early in the day before you go to work, or later in the day after you come from work. But pick a time, lock it down and ensure that no matter what happens, spend that time with baby. Of course, you should spend as much time with baby as posibble but often with work pressure, time with baby gets sacrificed.

Remember these times will never come back. So make sure there is atleast an hour in the day where you never compromise and always spend it with your baby.

Sing to baby

Tone deaf? Can't hold a tune? Who cares!!!

Sing to your baby. It does not have to be a cooing lullaby, it can be just humming. Your baby recognizes your voice from the time that she spent in the womb and from all the conversations you had with mom.  You can even try and sing nursery rhymes in a reasonable tune to your baby. She does not care what it is as long as it is daddy dearest who is singing to her.

Talk to baby

What children needs from dads is that they spend time together. The same goes for baby too. Get close to your baby and talk to him in soft, gentle tones. It can be about anything. It can be about what you did today or you can gently coo like him. What matters is that you are communicating with baby and establishing a bond.

Carry baby around

Do carry your baby around a lot. Physical contact is a very important aspect of a loving relationship. Do it during everyday tasks like reading the newspaper. Take a walk around the neighborhood with your baby. Get a baby carrier that you can strap up and carry baby in. If you are too embarassed to use it outside, don't stress. Use it only at home and carry baby in your arms when you go outside.

Change baby's diapers

Yes, beleive it or not, the few minutes you spend changing baby's diapers is a great way to bond with baby. Why? Babies know when they are dirty and many times you may notice they cry when their diaper is dirty. So if you clean them up and give them that new, fresh feeling, guess who gets the credit in your baby's eyes - You, Dad!!

Be a clown

This seems to come naturally to dads. Clown around with baby and make funny faces. Play peek-a-boo. Make them laugh.


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