5 memorable "things to do" with your kids

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As parents, we are all trying hard to do the best for our children. We make sure they eat well, study well, become all rounders, are well read, buy them the best things etc., etc., But life is a set of experiences and it is the experiences that every one enjoys the most. Children (if you ask them) will tell you that what they enjoy most is not the toy or book or videogame or pizza that you bought them, but an experience you had with them. The memories of these fun filled experiences stay for a longtime in a child's memory, rather than an expensive gift. So how do we as parents create these memorable experiences for them?

The first answer that comes to mind is - Travel. Travel is obviously a wonderful experience that children enjoy and remember. And it does not have to be an expensive vacation to Australia, it can be a day trip or a weekend trip.

Here are some additional ideas of experiences that you and your kids will recall often and even many years later:

  • 15 minutes before your kids bedtime, surprise them by taking them out for icecream, in their pajamas. Forget about bedtime!!
    • Make sure you have checked the icecream shop's timings. Many are open late. If you cannot find one that is open late, don't worry, most of the five star hotels have 24 hour coffee shops that serve icecream. Expensive, but worth it.
  • Take the child outside and stand in the first rains of the season. Get soaking wet.
    • Make sure you have towels and hot beverages waiting for you
  • Take a half day off on a weekday, leave your work behind. (It has to be a weekday. Weekend outings don't have the surprise factor).
    • Go pick your kid up from  school and take them to the local zoo/planetarium/museum/park, whatever.
  • Build a campfire in the garden, or on the terrace of your home or up on the roof of the apartment building.
    • Go to the local market where they sell these clay fire pots (for religious ceremonies). Buy one. They will also sell you wooden sticks and other natural burning material. Build a nice fire.  If you are in an apartment, even better, get the neighbours kids' too.
  • Volunteer at a local old age home or orphanage or other institution that needs help
    • A day spent with the kids and you doing something that is different is a valuable life lesson and a great experience

Your children will remember every one of the above things and recount it more often than that toy or shirt or game that you bought them.  And we assure you, that you will  never get tired of hearing it. There is no better "spirit uplifter".

What else do you recommend?


2011-12-23 11:56:41


I will definitely try out the one for picking from school and taking out to interesting place.

 Former member 2011-10-05 13:27:25


one more thing that we never put them in Boarding Schools..............be always with them and make them happy.............

2011-06-01 16:14:52


Let me give a positive example of my friends and their boy 5 and half years old. Their son is involved in all family affairs. No matter if they dye eggs, stick tiles in the bathroom or paint walls, there is always a small part of the task that he can to do, independently or with the help of his parents. So he meets with things and develops skills and gains confidence. Recently, he described to us the procedure for fixing tiles: "First you take 2 or 3 tiles, depends on how many is broken, you clean the floor, put the glue, than ...(I do not remember everything.) Then you look, and if it is not good you fix it!“ It appears that the gluing did not go smoothly, but he learned to accept a mistake and correct it. Not only that they include their son in all activities, his parents involve him in decisions affecting him. Recently, during the Science Festival, he saw robots that will participate in this year's competition. He was very interested. As the family had other obligations, they let him decide whether to go to watch the competition or go to the countryside. He decided to go to the countryside. I wish them a good time and good weather, but if by chance it rains, the next time, he will ask for weather for the weekend before deciding. That is how the experience and responsibility for decisions are acquired. It is necessary to invest much time and effort to enable a child to live independently. We all love our children, and love is work.

2011-03-30 23:50:33


good article

2011-01-24 15:59:46


Hi, Gr8 ideas. I did the the following y'day with my kiddo. Short film making: Enact a favourite story by playing the characters between the parents and kid. My kid wanted to play the bird role and he flew like a pigeon, really he flew with joy:)This is the shortest story ( less than a minute, to be precise). I felt so happy to make him laugh his wit out with his fav words: PLIP and PLINK.

2011-01-24 15:50:56


Also like to add a point : Take to grandpa / grandma's place. Play with them.. Ask them fall on feet to get blessing from them. I saw these things especially in North / westen Indian families. This gives them culture value..

2010-12-08 19:11:26


nice ideas and i will keep them in my mind.....as my son is too young to enjoy he is just 2yrs 20months...

2010-09-17 15:55:22


Nice one! ... will surely keep them in my mind ..these tips will really make strong bond b/w me and my daughter

 Former member 2010-06-22 18:11:05


hello there,iam soooooooooo happy to read this,coz i have tried each single bit discussed by you here,and this has made the bonding between me and my child very strong.i highly suggest each parent to try out these ideas and iam sure they are gonna get GR8 results.

2010-06-15 23:23:29


Good one. I think I really need to give this a thougth! Ofcourse we know that kids love small surprises but we don't usually go out of our way and do anything really surprising. Your blog is making me think about what other ways I could surprise them and make them happy. thanks. bye

2009-11-02 16:32:30


extraordinary. u have said the exact truth which we dont really follow in our life to make our child happy and to see the real happiness. surely will follow these tips....

2009-05-25 17:01:02


Every morning, i leave a post it for my son to look at when he comes back from school...with little notes like" i am proud of u, Have a wonderful day:-)"

2009-02-13 16:09:30


today in this busy world every one is busy in himself if we can think of others than so we gave this thought to our child too. so i appreciate all ideas from bottom of my heart.

2009-01-30 14:41:07


Wow, I should try the 'camp fire' sometime! My kids love 'cooking' - where they get access to everything in kitchen other than the gas. I give them rice, dhal, veggies, atta, butter knife, chappathi roller, water, salt, masala - anything that they take fancy to! They sit in a mat, have their toy kitchen set, cut, mix and 'cook' stuff and serve. Now that my elder one is 7+, she wants to do some real cooking, like whipping a salad or making a sandwich. another 'old' time favourite is to pull all clothes out of the wardrobe! Minus the job of putting it back - so, we do it when the wardrobe is due for cleaning. Cheers, Sumathy


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