Gud Gynaecologist near koramangala

minny 2011-01-05 15:45:03

Hi All,

Does anybdy knws a gud gynaecologist near koramangala who is available in evening preferably.Plz share her contact details..

Thnx in advance.


2011-01-11 15:35:07


I agree minny..Dr.Hema Diwakar is really good,i consult her during my pregnancy and deliver my kid there.I think that hopital will bb far from Kormanagla and u need to prior appointment.

2011-01-07 17:18:23


In acura hospital doctor name is Saldhana.. Hospital is just opp to devi eye hospital. She is available in evening times.She does counselling also.. She will not see delivery cases.Only consultation..Good gynacolalogist.. another doctor in same hospital Dr.Mariam she is also good,,

2011-01-07 12:35:17


hi yes there is an excellent gyni named Dr. Rita Mhaskar. she works for St. Johns and takes evening OPD at her clinic in her house. her contact no. is 9341232062. call and take the appointment. her husband is also a gyni and he takes the appointments. he will tell u the excat location. both of them were from AIMS, Delhi and I will highly recommend for her because I had lots of issues and which even US docs could not point out. now I am 4 months post delivery.

2011-01-07 11:06:18


I need a gud gynae around koramnagala..

2011-01-06 23:07:19


You can also visit Dr. Jaya Bhat at Nova Diagnostics. Its somewhere newr sukh-sagar. She is a very well known gynaecologist and used to be HOD in manipal hospital. Call Nova and get her appointment.

2011-01-06 16:45:18


If you are near teacher's colony, I know a very good doctor. It is Keerthana clinic on teacher's colony's main road. She practices in her clinic and goes Sagar Apolo.

2011-01-06 11:27:55


Hi Shruthi, Manipal docs r too busy..nt easy to get an appoinment..explorin more options..does anybdy have idea abt Dr. Vijaya manohar? Plz share ur view abt any gud Gynae..

2011-01-06 10:19:28


Diwakar's is in JP Nagar. There's Acura in Koramangala 6th block and one Dr. Saldanha who consults there. Have heard only good things about her but have no personal experience. Else, you can always go to Manipal Hospital.

2011-01-06 09:55:17


Hi, When I was in Bangalore for sometime, I visited Hema Diwakar ( Global Hospital) I felt she is good and she has lot of patience to spend time with us...But the crowd is more and u need to wait for sometime..and prior appointment is important...She sees only on mon, tue and wed. I am not sure about only evening timings..U can call and check with the hospital ppl thanks Joemom.


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