Crying babies - Why and what to do?

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Babies have only way of alerting you and that is crying. So they use this communication means to get the attention of parents for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the reasons they maybe crying.

  • Wet diaper. You may have to change her diaper.
  • Check if baby has diaper rash. Let baby be without a diaper for a while so her rash can be exposed to air. This will help it heal.
  • Baby maybe hungry. See if he is interested in feeding.
  • Baby could be bored or lonely.  She may want to spend more time in closeness with you.  Hold here and talk to her.
  • Baby maybe tired. She maybe exhausted and getting ready to sleep. Some babies get fussy when they are sleepy.
  • Touch baby's body and check if he is too hot or too cold. If too hot, you should remove some clothing to coll him down. If too cold, swaddle him so he feels warm and cosy. Also make sure it is not because he has a fever or a cold.
  • Is baby overwhelmed? Is baby in a busy room, with a lot of activity, noise from a TV and a lot of people. Take your baby to a quiet place, hold her and softly talk to her to soothe her.
  • Also see our article on colic. Its a condition whch may cause your baby may cry a lot sometimes
  • Watch if your baby cries when anything specific occurs. For example, does he cry consistently when he urinates? In these cases, you should take your baby to a doctor immediately.

Things to do with a crying baby

You can try a number of the following tips. Different tips will work for different babies.

  • Comfort your baby by cradling him in your arms and holding him close to you
  • Rock or walk the baby to create a rhythmic movement.
  • Speak softly to your baby
  • Do not get stressed. Research shows that anxiety in parents can be sensed by the baby.
  • Sing to your baby or play some soft music
  • A warm sponge bath or a  warm towel massage to the tummy may help
  • Bundle your baby for warmth
  • Turn off bright lights and turn off the TV. On the other hand, some babies may need to be distracted by showing them a nearby activity like a car or a bus on the road


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