Children's art - cherish, decorate and share

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Your prolific budding artists are at work. Great! It is so wonderful that they are exploring and being creative. By all means facilitate and encourage this creativity.

But is your children’s artwork (drawings, paintings, doodles, crafts, even sculptures etc.) flooding your house from all directions? - From school and from the stuff they do at home etc.  And you do not know what to do with so much “clutter”? Feel like chucking the works of your little ones but just don’t have the heart to do so and when you do, feel ever so guilty? Parenting is so much about these small-small things but tackling these can make your life so much fun and easier. So here we go!

Some tips on making the most of your children’s artwork.

Keep all the kids' art in one place

Have a place for them - a drawer or a bin. You and your child can keep putting them there, instead of having them scattered in the whole house. You can roll up the big sheets and keep them carefully.

Showcase your child’s art

  • Display it all over the house. Imagine the joy, colour and warmth they spread in your house and how proud your little ones will feel. And you will have some have some contemporary original art in your house - all without shelling out the big bucks! Actually with no bucks at all.
  • Keep rotating these and adding new ones. Keep it simple. Stick them with tape or even rubber cement at the back.
  • Get some of the special pieces framed.
  • Add a wire (like the one you hang clothes on) from one corner of the room to the other and hang them with clothespins in the children’s room.

Pop them in the memory box or the keepsake box

From time to time, keep adding some of these to your child’s memory box. Make sure that you do not just add the ones that are “pretty” but also the ones that are typical of what your child does at a certain time - for example if she is into circles, dinosaurs or dabs of paint. It will be interesting to see their progression and to cherish these cutesy masterpieces in the future.

Creative use of kiddie clutter -- oops, creations

  • What about giving some of these to the grandparents or doting aunts? You will win brownie points with everyone and de-clutter in this process as well.
  • Calendars: You can print monthly calendars from the web and stick 12 of their paintings on them or even take a ready made calendar and slap some of kids pictures on it.
  • Use them for yourself or send to grandparents and other close relatives or friends.
  • You can add them to birthday or greeting cards.
  • Jazz-up birthday party presents by cutting and using these as birthday present labels.

Digitise them - digital “pickle” for posterity

  • Take digital photos of their paintings and you can even create a virtual art gallery of sorts.
  • Great for 3D items like playdoh or clay creations etc. that you cannot store for a long time.
  • Ideas for sharing
    • Send some of these photos to grandma
    • Put up on Flickr or Facebook
    • Even share with the Parentree community. You will need to upload on Flickr or another website and add in your journal. You can add pictures in your journal. Make sure that the picture is not more than 500 pixels wide.
  • You can use these and rotate as screensavers. Wouldn’t your little ones love that?
  • Take a photo of the ones you chuck and you might not feel that bad.
  • You can even use the digital image of their creations in electronic cards and greetings that you send out.

To throw or not to throw...

It is impossible to keep accumulating their multiplying artwork. So, be creative with them, rotate them in the house and once they have been gathering dust for a long time, by all means throw them. If you feel so bad, take a digital photo and store it for posterity.

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