10 must-watch movie classics for families with kids

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Editors’ picks! Here we have listed some children’s movies in English (Hollywood) that are popular in India and the world over, hailed by movie critics and of course many of these are our favourites as well. Some are old classics and some are more recent favourites and box-office hits. They are appropriate for children of all ages and enjoyed the world over by both boys and girls. The best is that they are movies that the whole family can enjoy together.

Family movie time! Grab some of these DVDs, get the popcorn, dim the lights, get cosy and have fun together.

And the movies are..(not in any order of importance)

Snow-white and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

  • An old 1937 Disney classic.
  • The first full length animation feature film. Movie with the first soundtrack album.
  • The adorable Snow-white, the cute dwarfs, the wicked stepmother all with Disneys magic touch make this a warm and endearing story for all.
  • The songs “Heigh ho, heigh ho”, “Someday my prince will come...” are catchy classics.

Lion King (1994)

  • Another Disney animated classic about a young lion cub, the famous Simba, whose father was the king of the jungle. The movie shows Simba’s evil uncle killing his father and Simba’s adventures in the jungle with different animals. Of course, the movie has a Disney happy ending.
  • Some other famous characters in the movie are the Timon and Pumba, who Simba befriends in his journey in the forest.
  • Oh yes, the famous “Hakuna Matata” song is from this movie.

Jungle Book (1967)

  • A Rudyard Kipling tale turned into an animated classic. Set in India.
  • Adorable characters like Baloo the bear and Bagheera the panther help Mowgli the "Man cub" go back to a human family after escaping the clutches of Sher Khan the tiger
  • Memorable songs like "The Bare Necessities" and "Colonel Hathi's March (The Elephant Song)" become favourites of children

Toy Story (1995)

  • Pixar (Pixar animation studios) classic.
  • There is Toy Story 1 and Toy Story 2. Toy Story 1 is the original classic.
  • About a young boy Andy and his toys. The toys come alive when Andy is not there and take on their characters and personalities. The movie shows the hilarious power struggle between Woody, the wooden cowboy doll and Buzz Lightyear the space ranger to be Andy’s favourite toy. There is a wonderful supporting cast of other toys like Mr Potato head, Lil Miss Bo Peep, small soldier figures and the myriad other toys in Andy’s room.
  • Buzzl Lightyear’s (the toy space ranger) famous dialogue “To infinity and beyond” is spouted by many young boys the world over.
  • Woody’s voice is done by the famous actor Tom Hanks.

Shrek (2001)

  • Another Pixar animation classic.
  • About an ogre called Shrek and his ladylove princess Fiona and of course his pet donkey called “Donkey” what else. And their adventures with different fairy-tale characters. A modern day fairy tale.
  • A very humorous movie as well. The voice of Shrek is by Bill Myers and the voice of the Donkey is by the inimitable Eddie Murphy. The bickering and bantering between Shrek and the Donkey and the Donkey’s (Eddie Murphy’s) one-liners will have everyone rolling with laughter.

Finding Nemo (2003)

  • A Pixar animation classic about the adventures in the sea of an overprotective father clownfish and his quest for his lost son Nemo. In his adventures in the sea, Nemo meets different sea creatures—sharks, seagulls, turtles, fishes in an aquarium etc.
  • A warm and touching story about a father’s love for his child. Exposes children to sea life in a fun manner. The cute fish Nemo has captured the imagination of kids, adults and toy makers the world over.
  • Parents can also learn about how to give children the independence they need, as they mature.

The Wizard of Oz (1939)

  • A musical fantasy film about the adventures of young girl called Dorothy from a small town in Kansas and her dog Toto as they get catapulted to the magical land of Oz and meet fairy tale characters like witches, wizards etc.
  • The film has the famous classic song “Over the Rainbow” sung by the famous actress Judy Garland.
  • Full of fantasy, magic, music and imagination to fire the young minds.
  • Has won many Oscar awards and is an American classic.

Sound of Music (1965)

  • A musical with the famous songs like “Do Re Mi”, “Sound of Music” and “My Favourite Things”.
  • About a Swiss family - a widower father with 7 naughty kids and a new governess (famous actress Julie Andrews) who comes to look after these kids.
  • Beautify story, music and scenery.
  • A family classic - for many of us, a slice from our childhood that we can enjoy with our kids.

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

  • A science fiction movie by the famous director Steven Spielberg.
  • It is about a young boy called Elliot who befriends a stranded alien - E.T.. He and his siblings  help E.T. return to his home.
  • A warm and touching story. There is the famous scene when E.T. makes Elliot’s bike fly against the moon as backdrop. And also when the kids take E.T. for Halloween trick or treating dressed as an alien (as himself).

Star Wars (1977)

  • Star wars movie series and the flagship one is the Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. These are award winning movies with a cult following.
  • An epic space fantasy. Amazing special effects, thought and legends from all over the world fill the movie.
  • Full of imaginary characters and lands. Robots, aliens, machines and other funky characters rub shoulders with fairy tale princesses andJedi knights and characters inspired from ancient legends. Some famous characters are Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia,the Jedi warrier Obi-Wan Kenobi, the smuggler Han Solo with his pet Wookie, the Jedi master Yoda, the evil Darth Vader, etc.
  • Even though the stories have exotic characters and time spanning the ancient to the future, they depict timeless human elements like bravery, heroism, love and villainy. Great for firing the imagination, creativity and interest in space in both kids and adults.
  • Some fun trivia: The famous greeting, “May the force be with you” is from this movie.

You can watch most of these again and again and still find them fun, gripping and inspiring. There are so many more and we can go on and on. But we selected the ones that are the most popular and classic. Share your favourites with all.


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For this Movie list, we can add: Kungfu Panda (Part I & II both)

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