India Gate: masti and pride

mango_mama 2008-12-09 10:11:24

One of our favorite places to take the kids in Delhi is India Gate (in the heart of Delhi) and that too after dinner at night. It is pleasant and fun even in the Delhi summers—thanks to the vast green lawns, the ice cream, balloon wallahs and of course the stately and inspiring India Gate.

To me it is a quintessentially Delhi experience. I used to visit India Gate at night as a child with my family and now my kids love the place. In fact, whenever our extended family gets together—cousins etc. This is a family tradition and a must-do.

Our favorites there...

We love the lovely vast green lawns where the kids can run around freely and we can sit down.  We take Frisbees and balls. Sometimes we just let the kids play and we just sit and chat. Sometimes we jump in the fun and play with them. I have lovely memories of ringa-ringa-rosy and blind mans buff (in Hindi, I remember singing “kokla chipa ke...” forget the words???)

Visit never complete without ice cream! Ice cream carts, balloon wallahs selling balloons and toy trinkets. Of course when the indulgent grandparents are there, the kids know whom to woo for these. ;-)

Just cross the road and walk over to see the lighted India Gate--a memorial built in memory of Indian soldiers who died in World War 1 and the Amar Jawan Jyoti—the flame in honour of the unknown soldier. Always gives me a patriotic zing.  Great exposure for the kids as well.

It is popular with other families. And it is fun to see happy smiling folks having fun...the whole scene and feel is happy and carefree...


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