Baby swings - Buying guide

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Babies are often soothed by gentle swinging motion. Naturally also, as parents, we rock our babies. A swing is equipment that tries to do the same when the parent has to attend to something else.  Some Indian parents will find it an essential accessory because their baby may need more rocking while others may not. Think about your circumstances and how you will use it, before making a purchase decision.

A swing basically consists of two strong posts in the middle of which a seat is positioned. Swings are usually battery operated and come with various seat positions and speeds. Some swings also come with a bar on the top in which little tys can be hung. Some swings feature music and lights on the top bar.  Swings are usually battery operated, so be prepared for that additional cost.

Baby swing
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A swing is also useful only during the first few months, till the baby starts moving on his own.

Selecting the right swing

1. Stability - Ensure that the swing you buy is constructed well and is not at risk of tipping over if the baby moves suddenly.

2. Safety - Ensure that there are no niches or crevices especially near the swinging joints, where baby may put her tender fingers into. Your seat must also have a safe 5-point harness.

3. Seat & seat positions - Make sure your swing has enough head support for an infant. It should recline to a near-flat position for your infant to lie in. 

4. Ease of use - A top bar often makes it tough to put your baby in or to take her out form the seat. If there is a tray on the seat, make sure it can be easily swung out or removed with one hand, to get easy access to your baby. 

5. Speeds - A basic set of speeds is enough to keep your baby happy. Don't pay extra for finer control of speed. 

Never leave your baby unattended when he is in a swing. Always keep an eye on the baby, even if he is sleeping.


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