Confident child

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Confidence is a critical skill for children. From young to old, everyone needs this skill. And all Indian parents would love to help their children become confident.

Here are some tips that Indian parents can use to foster the confidence of children when they are young.

Let them try to do it!

Children should be encouraged to explore and discover things for themselves. This can start even with crawling babies. Give children the opportunity to move around and explore. Let your child  try new things if she wants to.   Give her some room and let her do things by herself. She may want to walk on a wall, or let go of your hand in some place. Let them. Just make sure there is no imminent danger.

Sometimes, we also stop children from doing something because we think they will make a mess. A great example of this is when a child wants to eat by himself. An initial reaction might be to stop him because we are worried about the mess he will make and the effort required afterwards to clean it up. Let him eat and make a little mess. The extra effort we take to clean up this mess is worth the effort. Letting him do it tells the child that his parents believe in his abilities. And soon he will be eating easily and cleanly.

Let them make mistakes

When children try new things they make mistakes. As long as there is no danger, let them make the mistakes.  At a young age, everything is a learning and confidence-building opportunity.  To build up children's confidence, parents should not supervise them in their activity to ensure that the results are perfect.

For example, when children paint with colours, they may mix all the colours up into a new colour. Parents may consider this a no-no as they want to see nice multi-coloured paintings. But look at it this way. The child just learnt how mixing colours makes a new colour. 

Sometimes, what appear as mistakes to adults are just a child being creative and using their imagination. Let her draw flying dolls, floating cars, yellow grapes, and green moons.  

Encourage them

At a young age, children need encouragement and praise. It takes a lot of effort for a child to learn new skills. Praise his efforts, irrespective of whether he gets good results. Let him know that trying hard is appreciated by you.  A child who fails at something the first time, will get frustrated, but by praising her efforts you can get her to try again. It boosts her confidence and teaches her the importance of persistence.

By supporting our children early, we can help them grow into confident adults who believe in themselves and their abilities.


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