Good ICS/CBS schools near Dilsuknagar

DurgaPrs4 2010-06-20 04:29:01


I am looking for good reputed schools for my daughter who is going to 6th grade. We live in Dilsuknagar area.

Appreciate info on this.


Durga Prasad



2010-06-21 18:14:38


Hi DurgaPrasad, Just checked out with my daughter's friend. The school is only into ICSE. Apologies for the same..she stays with her grandmother at Dsnr so the interaction was more with her grandmother as she is close to my mom. I just remembered her saying SSC when i met her sometime back. I spoke to her (grand daughter) now. She likes her school and is quite happy with the teaching too. She has come to IX now. She is studying there from class 2 onwards. I think, if the fee structure suits you, you can go ahead with this school instead of waiting for HPS with uncertainty. rgds, Mickey.

2010-06-21 17:03:51


I am certain that Ramadevi has ISCE as per my discussion with their staff. I learnt from you that they have SSC too. Thanks for info transportation. We live in Alakapuri area and there is bus from there. So we send her there and see how it goes.

2010-06-21 16:57:29


Thanks DurgaPrasad for that break up..seems too high..I think the lady only told me the admission fee excluding others !! Is Ramadevi having ICSE too along with SSC ? My daughter's friend is into SSC. I didn't know that it is having ICSE too. The school has a transport facility too. She has been going quite comfortably for the past so many years. Yes of course, she returns by 5pm though to Dsnr...pretty late compared to others...if you opt for this school, its better u stay at Vanasthalipuram or so which u would cut down the travelling distanc/time for your daughter. Rgds, Mickey

2010-06-21 16:47:36


Mickey, Global International Indian School at Uppal fee structure: Day Scholar Fee structure Non Recurring Fee-A Application Fee: 500 Registration Fee: 1,000 Admission Fee: 48,000 Caution Deposit: 20,000 Recurring Fee-B Annual Fee 10,000 I Term Fee 20,500 II Term Fee 20,500 III Term Fee 20,500 Mess Fee 5,000 Transport 6,000 This is coming out to be around 1.5L for the first year. Ofcourse second year it will be 70-80K range. With regards to HPS, Ramanthapur, yes waiting for 2 months is difficult. They had their policies, they schedule board meeting after 2 months and they can decide on extra seats. We liked Ramadevi. Only concern is journey on highway on Vijayawada highway. Otherwise no complaints on this school. Durga Prasad

2010-06-21 16:34:21


Yes,DurgaPrasad, These days , schools like DPS, Meridian and International Schools charge very high. The fee increases every year. By International School , do u mean Global International Indian School at Uppal (GIIS) ? I was told that fees will be around 55k when i called up two months back. Don't you think, two months is a long time to wait that too with uncertainty for HPS (Ramanthpur)? Ramadevi is a good school. I know my daughter's friend who is studying here for the past 5 yrs or so. Rgds, Mickey

2010-06-21 16:24:16


Mickey, Thanks for the input. I appreciate for your time by posting at 2 different places. Initially I was not sure where I should ask the question. We inquired Ramadevi school, they have ISC syllabus. Seems to be good. We also inquired Meredian & International Indian school in Uppal area. Their fee structure is way too high. I dont understand why they charge this much when professional grade colleges are not charging. I miss the education system there for the last 10 years and I wonder how it has become horribly business-like. We are now persuing Hyderbad Public School in Ramanthapur area, they want us to wait 2 months before confirming admission. Are the other parents have similar feelings about the education system as mine? Or am I missing something?

2010-06-21 10:07:22


Hi DurgaPrasad, I have replied in your other post too. Copying the same for u again. As far as I know there are no CBSE schools near Dilsukhnagar except for a few State schools. I often Dsnr as my parents stay here. Yes, there is a new CBSE school near Hayat Nagar called ZEE. But i think it is till 6th. I have seen its ad recently while going to my parents house at Dilsukhnagar. ph of ZEE School is +91 9640884443 You will find Ramadevi Public School near Ramoji Film city which is a very good State school. In Dilsukhnagar, you will find Brilliant Grammar School near Shashi Hospital . The State schools in and around Dsnr don't have a proper playground. They stress more on academics. There is Bhaashyam school too which is housed in an apartment. The X SSC results are excellent in Bhaasyam and Brilliant .You will have to send your daughter atleast till Abids or Tarnaka. There are no ICSE schools either in Dsnr. You will find Johnsons Grammar school in Tarnaka which is very good. But i doubt if you could get admission now. You can always call up and ask. Similarly , you will find St Joseph's school (ICSE) , St Georges Grammar School (Girls-ICSE) in Abids. Most of the schools close admissions before the school re-opens. Also your daughter will have to learn Telugu in a State(SSC) school. In CBSE, she has a choice to opt for French as a second language from class 8 if she doesnot know telugu. Rgds, Mickey


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