Fighting against Fee Hike and Donations in Schools

afreefun 2010-06-15 09:30:19

Dear Parents,

I am a businessman and a parent of 2 kids who are studing in Sri Vani Education Centre, Basaveshwaranagar. I have been indivisually fighting in our school against the hike in fee & donations. But I was aware that I cannot fight indivisually against the management of a reputed school.

So last month, I formed a parents association and now i have the backing of 80% of the parents of our school. We said no to the change of uniform/shoes, we have forced the management to stop the sale of books in the school premises as they were charging very high. I have also asked the parents not to pay the fees till the management recogines our association and revert back to the old fee structure.

Now the management has called us for negotiations on the fees structure / donations. We are sure that they must oblige to our demands as most of the parents are united.

Don't you parents feel that every school needs a parents association so that we can have a say on the issues which effects the parents.

I have been contacted by the parents of nearly 126 schools in bangalore and are very much interested in having their own parents association.

........A.R.Ashok Kumar Adiga


Sri Vani Education Centre Parents Association (R)

Basaveshwaranaagar, Bangalore

080-2323 1396 / 95352 79709 / 97423 82923 


2013-07-11 13:51:03


Good to see good people together. Congrats and keep it up. Jitendra Chitnis

2012-04-26 12:53:50


I Like to join this Parent's Association. Really very much inspired with this. I joined my daughter to school this year and need to give donation, but willing to give.

2012-03-20 15:47:58


Really inspired. looking forward to meet you some time in Bangalore.

2012-03-18 14:12:01


Dear Parents, I am very happy to inform you that the Karnataka Government has issued an order for the Early Admission and the guidelines for the fees structure for Private Aided and Unaided Schools. Please feel free to contact me for clarifications.

2011-05-06 11:32:40


I am really surprised by the attitude of the members of this site...They would rather chat and express their anguish against the management of the schools that actively participate in the fight against the management of the schools. IT IS DISGUSTING AND PATHETIC....God help U parents......

2011-05-03 19:20:27


I am very pleased to inform the members of this community that the protest by BANGALORE SCHOOLS PARENTS ASSOCIATION om 30.04.2011 at FREEDOM PARK was a very huge success. we had from 28.04.2011 had distributed 4,000 leaflets around B'lore asking for parents to join us in our protest. The parents responded and we had 2,711 new members enrolled to our association. We have plans of doing the same way every month and enroll more members as it will strengthen our fight against the Education department and the management of Schools. A.R. Ashok Kumar Adiga Managing Director m/s. ADIGA'S Master Mind Solutions Pvt Ltd., 575, 6th Main, 3rd Block, 3rd Stage, Basaveshwaranagar, Bangalore – 5600 79 Ph: 080 - 2323 1396 / 95352 79709 / 97423 82923

2011-04-22 22:05:54


Parents of 20 schools under BANGALORE SCHOOLS PARENTS ASSOCIATION are protesting against early admission, fees hike, High cost of books / dress /shoes on 30.04.2011 at 9.30Am at FREEDOM PARK, Bangalore. Please inform all your friends / relatives and participate in large numbers.

2011-04-03 23:24:56


Hi,, Ur doing a tremendous job,,, which no parent can payback.. This is to inform you that Vidyanjali Academy Of Learning ,Cholanayaknahalli..has also decided to hike the monthly fees to 2000 pm from 1400 pm... this is almost by 40%... and also maintenance fees seem to follow suit,,,, i guess.. What is max a school can hike the fees yearly ???? Who selects the members for parents association for the cbse schools ? Pls reply Thank you

2011-04-01 15:49:31


Hello JSudha, I am considering Vidyanjali for admitting my children. Especially for their Montessori. Would you be able to share your experiences and provide feedback on the school? Can I contact you? I can be reached at: 98443-08132 Thanks.

2011-03-25 10:04:17


After the Inspection report of Sri Vani Education Centre, Basaveshwaranagar & Sri Vani Public School, Rajajinagar was submitted to him the Commissioner of Public Instruction favored the school by not forwarding the file for canceling the NOC to the Minister. So, I lodged a complaint to the Lokayukta and later on the file was forwarded. Now the Minister is withholding the file, so on 28.02.2011 I have registered a case against the Minister in the High Court of Karnataka.The Honorable court has asked the Minister to reply in 7 days as to why it is been delayed. The verdict is on 29.03.2011. We are also getting an INTERIM STAY order on the collection of fees & new admissions for the year 2011-12 till the minister signs the cancellation of NOC. This year the elite schools of Bangalore have given 79 seats without donations for the candidates I have recommended. We have also forced 16 schools to roll back the hike in fees for the year 2011 - 2012. Our fight will continue in case we receive complaints from parents on any issue relating to Education. Thank You......... ADIGA

2011-01-18 09:50:45


Thank you so much @freefun

2011-01-17 19:25:19


ICSE: CBSE Chairman: CBSE office:

2011-01-17 11:17:37


@afreefun Kindly share the e-mail ID/Postal address of the Chairman of ICSE&CBSE please. It will help all the parents in the metros who were suffering from fees and donations of the schools.

2011-01-17 10:26:44


I had written a mail to the Chairman of ICSE & CBSE boards saying that a Parents Association is a must in all the affiliated schools. So, today in DNA news paper Page 6 the Chairman of CBSE has said that he will write to all the affiliated schools to compulsorily have an effective Parents Association where the parents will have a say on fees and donations. Adiga

2011-01-11 16:52:03


I had on 10.08.2010 given a proposal to Mr. Kager, Minister of Education asking him to form a committee to implement the uniform fee structure. As I was very positive in my fight against unilateral hike of fees. I was very sure that I would win the case in the HIGH COURT of KARNATAKA on the issue of Uniform fee structure thru out the state for all ICSE & CBSE schools. Now, the court has also said that there is no committee or a regulatory mechanisum to monitor it. So, even today I went to meet the minister but he was not there. Tust me parents, I shall take this fight forward and make sure they implement it.

2010-12-18 15:23:48


Hi Ashok Kumar, I appreciate your work and i feel such an organization must be formed in all the named schools in chennai. Few schools here expect donation in lakhs for lkg admission. Common people who doesnt have recommendation and money cannot put their child in such schools in spite of the kids performing so well in interview. Dont know why do these schools conduct an interview for an eyewash.

2010-12-15 16:33:31


Florence school is ICSE school.

2010-12-15 10:32:19


Dear Mr. Adiga Appreciate this effort of your and we would like to join your call. We are moving in from chennai and let me tell you our experience has been no less tormenting. Are you currently representing only the state school or are you for all the schools in bangalore. Do let us now. We can be reached on regards

2010-12-15 09:57:00


Dear Parents, Please read DNA newspaper (14th & 15th of December 2010). U will get all the details about Bangalore Schools Parents Association. I am releasing details in brief everyday fro 14.12.2010

2010-12-10 09:57:41


Dear Parents, My fight is not only against schools but also with the corrupt officials of the education department and ICSE board. I am now discussing a uniform fee structure through out KARNATAKA for all ICSE / CBSE schools with the Minister of Education, Government of Karnataka. Now, all the colleges of Karnataka are going to have a Uniform fee structure from Next year. This is happening after a similar discussion with the Minister of Higher Education, Government of Karnataka. I am even ready to go to the High Court of Karnataka to achieve this. I hope the minister will not let this happen...

2010-12-09 18:42:45


Ms. Jsudha, Is Florence Public School an ICSE or a CBSE school....

2010-12-09 11:12:30


Hello sir, Here is the address of the schools. But I dont have the email ids of school to contact. Let me try if i can get it from anybody else. Addresses: 1.Florence public school, R.T Nagar Main Road, Near Shanti Sagar Hotel. Bangalore-560032 2.R.T Nagar Pubilc School, R T Nagar, Bangalore - 560032 Do not know the exact postal address of this school, but can tell you how to reach. From R.T Nagar police station stop on Dinnur Main road, go straight and take first left. You will get the school just on right side of that cross and just infront of it is the 'Presidency School' which Iforgot to mention in the list. This is also the most costliest school in that area. Regards, Sudha

2010-12-08 09:40:32


Hi Jsudha, This is with respect to ur comment on NOV 30th. Please give me the address of the school with the Email ID. Florence public school. RT Nagar public school

2010-12-08 09:38:34


Ms. Pooja shyam, This is with respect to ur comment on NOV 24th. Please give me the name and address of the school with the Email ID. Is the school in Bangalore....

2010-12-02 11:24:55


Hi , Sorry that was a writing mistake in the diary . I percieved teh amount as 180 and it was 80Rs. And I has asked a question to Principle, they said that the pot would be returned at the end of academic year :). But the other issue of paying higher fee is yet to be asked. Thanks Sudha

2010-12-01 10:22:00


Hi Jsudha, What U have written is true. The school where my son studies was collecting 180/- for news paper which was supposed to be distributed as free samples but now I had asked the school to cancel it and now they have cancelled it.... In your case I think it is better you talk to the principal or ask for a receipt....We can nail them if they issue a receipt....Can U arrange for a copy of the receipts of the payments made to the school....We must justify to the Education Department if the school is having different fee structure for different classes....

2010-11-30 19:48:09


Hi, Here are few schools in RT nagar which are on top list in charging highest fee. Florence public school. RT Nagar public school I also have another school in which my daughter is studying. It is Vidyanjali in Cholanayaka halli, RT Nagar. They are actually charging different fee for different student depending on how many years one is in that school. So for new admissions, fee is highter than the old. fee /month is 1400 and yearly maintanance 5k and books and dress almost come to 6k/year. So total comes to approximately 28K per year. And I also see that they are charging extra money if they conduct any learning sessions for students like sowing the seeds in the pots and observing it. For that they charged Rs 180. If they have to teach this to students and if it is part of the activities to take then why should they charge it seperately? Not sure if it would be good to ask this question back to the principle or any teacher. Just wanted to share so that I can get some help/inputs from you ppl. thanks Sudha

2010-11-29 17:32:50


As I had blogged earlier that I had fought against a school that was exploiting parents and I am getting the NOC cancelled by the Government of karnataka. NOW, I AM STARTING TOMMORROW THE FIGHT WITH THE MOST PRESTIGIOUS SCHOOL IN BASAVESHWARANAGAR. I am going to ask them to reduce the fees and donations for next year and in case they do not agree then I am not going to retreat till I get the NOC cancelled from the government.

2010-11-25 17:53:07


I request parents from Bangalore to write to me the name and address of the school their children are studying.

2010-11-24 18:23:34


Hi, I have a daughter of 6.5 year old, going to a CBSE school. I noticed one thing in the school that the fee charged for each student is different and varies with the year of admission of the child. I felt it is not correct. Please advice.

2010-11-24 07:51:18


Great job Mr. Adiga, I am facing another problem in the school my son goes to. The teachers are not qualified or trained. As a result there are times they teach some concepts that are wrong. Repeated complaints to the Head master (the school has no principal for 8 months now) have had no affect. The school is a reputed one and is also affiliated to ICSE. Could you please let me know if I can write to the board. If yes also let me know the email ID. Please carry on the good work. Best wishes Pooja Shyam

2010-06-16 14:42:26


I believe every school should have a parent association not only to fight fee hike which we bangloreans face more then others but also to improve the school with constructive feedback. Parents must be considered as a stack holder in the improvement of the school. Only then an institution can grow. Bhim


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