Indian foods with high iron content

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Here is a list of Indian foods (pulses, beans, nuts, fish, meat, and milk products) with high ironcontent. These have approximately 8mg or more of iron per 100 gms of the food. Local names of many of the foods are also listed.
  • Cereals & Grains
    • Bajra, Kambu, Sazzalu, Sajje, Millet
    • Rice flakes, Chewra, Aval, Chira, Pohe, Atukulu, Avalakki, Chuda
  • Pulses & Beans
    • Cow pea, Lobia, Karamani, Chorap, Barbati, Alasande, Vella payaru, Chavli, Chani, Bobbarlu
    • Lentils, Masur
    • Soyabean
  • Vegetables
    • Beetroot greens, Chukandar-ka-sag
    • Makoy leaves, Manathakali leaves, Piludi, Kamanchi, Kakmachi, Ganika, Gurkhi
    • Mint, Pudina
    • Parsley
    • Turnip greens, Shalgam-ka-sag
    • Sundakai, Titbaigum, Sondekai, Usthikaya
  • Condiments & Spices
    • Turmeric, Haldi
  • Fruits
    • Dried dates, Khajur, Pericham pazham, Eethapazham, Kharjoora pandu
    • Water melon, Tarmuj, Tarbuj, Kallangadi, Thannir mathan, Kalingad, Tarvuja, Darbusini, Puchakaya
    • Raisins, Kishmish, Drakshai, Mundiringa
  • Fish
    • Crab
    • Goggler, Labi, Chamban
    • Ribbon fish, Rupa patia, Savalai, Savala
  • Meats
    • Red meats


1. All the data used for this article was obtained from "Nutritive Value Indian Foods", a publication of the National Instititue of Nutrition, Indian Council of Medical Research, Hyderabad. 
Authors: C. Gopalan, B.V. Rama Sastri, S.C. Balasubramanian, B.S. Narasinga Rao, T.G. Deosthale, K.C. Pant
We strongly recommend that a copy of this book be bought by everyone who is interested in understanding the nutritive value of the foods they eat. The information is provided clearly and concisely and the price of the 2007 edition is only Rs. 40/-. It can be obtained at all leading booksellers.


2011-01-25 15:14:31


Jaggery (vellam in Tamil) should be included.

2010-07-21 12:40:44


hi....this was really very usefull tips u have given will help a lot 2 plan a diet for my children.

2010-07-21 11:37:35


have taken clue from this post to plan my kid's has helped a lot in his general wellbeing..thanks!!

2010-06-22 02:39:09


Something to keep in mind is that vegetarion (non-heme) food with high iron content is absorbed faster when coupled with Vitamin C or khatta. Calcium or other minerals that compete with iron for absorption should not be taken in teh same meal.


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